“We love otherwise, Austria and especially the ski resort of Ischgl. But this was distasteful, I must say.”

the 54-year-old Jens Rasmussen has not the best memories from their ski trip in week 11 of the Tyrol.

a Very short time after arrival, he and his wife infected with probably the corona, so they had to interrupt the vacation and drive back to Denmark.

And this at a time when the local authorities of Tyrol still sat on their hands and failed to warn the skituristerne, if the money area is highly dependent.

Actually nordjyden so harm that he already has been touched on the special website, where you can sign up, if you like skiturist in the area want to take legal action against the local authorities of Tyrol and against the republic of Austria.

“After I saw your article on the bt.dk on the website of the austrian consumers association, the VSV, I went in and filled out their schedule. I don’t know what should come out of it, but somewhere I hope well on a form of justice,” adds Jens Rasmussen.

“We had planned the use of all a long time in advance and drove off together with another couple. But had we known what the icelandic authorities had already warned about before our departure from Denmark, so we were never run of the place,” assures Jens Rasmussen.

“It was covert, that they deliberately kept hidden, there was a big infection risk for corona in the area. Just by the suspicion should be gone into and shut down. It was quite clear that the glancing more to the economy, and therefore deserve the one over the snout,” he believes.

Together with his wife he arrived in Ischgl-the area on the morning of Saturday 9. march. They had arrived 5-10 minutes before the other couple and decided to book an arrival beer each at the inn Kitzloch – unfortunately the bar, which later proved to be a true smitterede for coronaviruses.

“The second train directly at the hotel, when they arrived, and they had neither to be sick down there or under their 14 day quarantine in Denmark afterwards. My wife and I was rather sick on Sunday, and on Tuesday, we decide to run home early like many other guests from Germany, Holland and Denmark.”

“compared to a legal action is our problem, that we never got to be tested with the safety and security of the Danish authorities and thus can’t prove it. But we had a fever in three-four days, was sore in the body and my sense of smell and taste was gone, so I am not at all able to enjoy an otherwise good Italian red wine, when I felt that I was to be healthy again,” adds Jens Rasmussen.

The austrian consumers association, the VSV want to ask the local authorities in the Tyrol, to account for the closure of the ski resorts were deliberately delayed, so there could still be earned money.

First 13. march was the ski resort of Ischgl shut down. Since it had, according to the criticism already for up to a week been known, that there was a risk massesmitte with corona among the guests.

Therefore want the association to collect the testimony from so many infected ski tourists as possible.