can be jealousy of A certain Portion of healthy. If you notice that your Partner see a woman with long legs and a little in them is quite natural. It would also be weird if they would feel in such a Situation, nothing. This is going to be Jealous but to a morbid habit, you should try to get a handle on it.

From a morbid jealousy is when these creeps not only in us, but if you are determines our Actions constantly. If your thoughts turn only to a possible Infidelity of your partner and you, therefore, have a clear head more, then the case is clear.

signs of morbid jealousy

jealousy always arises when you have another Person to a little envy, and the like. This can be a new phone, but also the attention of your partner. They compare themselves unconsciously with the other Person and feel inferior.

How do you know if you are unhealthy jealous?

you don’t think very much about your Partner and your relationship – even if your better half is just in the vicinity. Slide quickly head to the cinema, if your Partner is on the way. Imagine how this is cheating. You want to control your Partner constantly. This goes even so far that you secretly his private viewing.Are you plagued by fears of loss. They are in many situations very uncertain. Their relationship suffers from problems because of their jealousy. The timer

The reason – no matter in what life situation – for the jealous feeling is to be always in a low self-worth. If you don’t feel in any Situation good enough, or even inferior, then jealousy can arise.

Therefore, there is for pathological jealousy is also only one solution: you need to work on yourself and your Inner strengths. Your personality should be strong that external influences can no longer get.

Overcoming insight : Admit that you have a Problem. You don’t have to identify in a first step, that something is wrong, and that you want to work on it. Also, you have to admit that your self-esteem in the basement. the Question : you Have admitted to yourself that you need to increase your self-awareness, ask yourself the question, why this is so. Find out first, what are the causes underlying your lack of self-confidence. Maybe you were criticized by your parents as a child all the time? Or a Partner has cheated? You have found a trigger, it is easier to see that it is completely pointless to feel inferior. the A step back : Try the next Time you feel the jealousy feeling, to let it did not gain the upper hand. Take a step back and breathe deeply. Because often, overwhelmed by envy, ill-considered things that are later regretted. Find out where the feeling comes from, and to fight it. the With your Partner talk: Be honest to your Partner. To dedicate Him in your jealousy problem. Finally, you both want your relationship to work. Maybe the Talk will help you also in the management. the Conscious distraction : When you realize that you are about to do something Stupid – to check, for example, the mobile phone of the partner, distract yourself with something Good. Throw in your favorite DVD or go to Yoga. Relax! This helps the terrible feelings of Jealousy offer the forehead. It can also help to close in a first step, just the eyes, the shoulders, through routes, and to give the body relaxation.