The 21-year-old Yuka Takaoka takes place on the cell phone of your friend, Phoenix, Luna has a picture of a woman. It comes to a dispute – and Takaoka gets all crazy: she strikes down Luna twice before the joint apartment in Shinjuku, a district of Tokyo, with a knife.

Then she lights up a cigarette. As the police arrive, find the officials, the Smoking woman on the phone. In addition to her victims sitting up and seemingly impassive. Also as it is dissipated, it seems that they did not be aware of, sitting, smiling, car in police.

Fans will immortalize you as an Anime character

The photo in connection with the fact, makes Yuka Takaoka to the Social Media Star. Because it is referred to in the Japanese networks as a “yandere”. This refers to a figure in Japanese anime. Most of the time it is initially innocent girl takes on a murderous trains, because his love is not reciprocated.

your Fans will draw you as an Anime character, after the fact, in the drawing. In the Social networks, you will not only celebrated as an Anime character. Some find them to be “too good to be a Suspect”.

Charged with> attempted murder

Yuka Takaoka is charged with attempted murder. Currently, she sits in detention waiting for her court date. (spr)