Just shocked with the Horror news that it was set in Los Angeles of a Stranger drugged and raped. Currently, she is with friends, because of course she has neither a Job nor a fixed place to Stay. The want to change it but as soon as possible.

A Plan she already has, such as Jasmin Tawil told to klatsch-tratsch.de : “first and foremost I see myself as a musician and actress. I could be in Los Angeles very creative and have had a great Partner with fantastic music. Now I’m going to go to in Germany the last few steps and music publishing. But everything must fit 100 per cent.“

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you Would go into the jungle?

quick access To money, could Jasmine also participate in formats such as the jungle camp, or ‘celebrity Big Brother’. “These are certainly well-produced formats. Their success speaks for itself,“ says Tawil. But really, she is not convinced: “But I want to focus professionally, primarily on my music. Everything else what comes, I’ll look then. My thoughts, however, are not earn in the first place, in case of fast money. The you were never. For me must be the total package.“

jungle camp in danger

If the jungle camp in January is produced due to the Corona pandemic in the coming year can be implemented, always remains questionable. Quite sure will fall for the TV stations, the advertising revenue in the Wake of the global crisis, very solid, and thus a financing and refinancing of multi-million dollar production in Australia are at risk. Already in the Wake of the financial crisis of 2008/2009, the Show “I’m a celebrity – Get me out of here!” 2010 failed.

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