Many victims of sexual Assault in the subway in Japan, don’t fight back – out of shame. Therefore, there is now an App. With activation of the App is a “stop” in the highest volume, or the Display will beep to either the emergency message appears “There is an attacker, please help,” the victim of the other passengers then can show.

According to police information, the App has been downloaded more than 237’000 Times. This is a unusually high Download numbers for an App in the public service. “Thanks to the popularity of the number is increasing every month by around ten thousand,” said police representative Keiko Toyamine to the AFP news Agency.

900 cases of harassment in a year,

reported that The victims were often too shy to ask out loud for help, said Toyamine. With the App you could make now, other passengers on your location carefully, without the need to self-Express.

The latest statistics show that in 2017, around 900 cases of harassment were reported in trains in Tokyo. The number of unreported but is estimated to be significantly higher. The offenders up to six months in jail, or the threat of fines. In the case of threats or violence up to ten years in prison are possible.

in the Meantime, there are certain lines already compartments only for women, as well as surveillance cameras. (SDA)