In the Japanese city of Kitakyushu on the southwestern Japanese island of Kyushu announced the discovery of a new outbreak of infection coronavirus infection, this time a cluster is confirmed in elementary school, transfers TV channel NHK.

The number of infected coronavirus infection in the city over the last nine days has reached 97 people. This is more than was recorded a month and a half until the country had a state of emergency.

Last Friday the mayor of Kitakyushu announced that the city began a second wave of infections. Identified several clusters, however, the spread of the virus to a third of cases to clarify and failed. Sunday, may 31 to June 18 in the city will be closed various facilities, in particular libraries, museums, theatres, and also restricted the period of study for Junior and secondary schools.

The total number of infected by coronavirus in Japan, according to 23.00 Sunday local time (17.00 GMT) was up 17 624. Died just 910 people, 120 people are in critical condition. Recovered 15 113 people.

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