Restrictions in Japan are not as tough as in certain parts of Europe.

Japan’s prime minister, Shinzo Abe, declares nødretstilstand in a month in the cities of Tokyo, Osaka and five other areas, which together count for 44 percent of the population.

It happens after a flare-up in the case of coronasyge.

– We have decided to declare the nødretstilstand, because we judge, that a rapid spread of the coronavirus in addition the country can have a huge impact of people’s lives and the economy, he says in parliament in Tokyo.

But there will be as many restrictions, as is seen in Europe and other places in the world.

Here is the entire countries were closed down, and people have been completely or partly prohibited from leaving their home.

But local governors in Japan may urge people to stay home, and call for the shops to be closed. But they can’t prevent it from happening. There are no penalties for ignoring the injunction. Instead betting on that people will follow it, as the authorities think they should do.

at the same time, the government is working with a financial package of 18 trillion yen (approximately 6800 billion dollars) as a safeguard against the economic consequences of the pandemic.

the Johns Hopkins University in the UNITED states keeps statistics on all registered cases of coronavirus in the world. Here is Japan with 127 million people is far down on the list.

There are barely 4000 registered cases of infection with coronavirus. 92 have died. It is half as many died as in Denmark.