TOKYO, may 1 – RIA Novosti, Xenia Naka. Japan will begin free delivery in 43 countries of the drug “Avigan”, also known under the names “Favipiravir and Failover” as a promising means for the treatment of pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus, it on a press-conferences in Tokyo the Minister of foreign Affairs of tosimitsu Motegi.

“In the course of telephone conversations with the foreign Ministers of each country revealed that interest in the “Aviano” big. We have received requests for the supply of “Avigan” from almost 80 countries through diplomatic channels. To date, we have agreed on the details of the delivery from 43 countries. But to proceed to delivery will be able soon after the weekend. As for the number, then since we are talking about clinical trials in each country will receive an amount sufficient to treat 20 people, a maximum of 100″ – said the Minister.

the Drug was developed for treatment of influenza six years ago. But then, when experiments on animals was discovered side effects when development of the fetus. As a result, he was excluded from use in pregnant women and was included in the list of drugs, treatment that is possible by special order of the government if all other medicines do not work. Meanwhile, the Chinese doctors discovered its effectiveness in the treatment of pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus infection.

In March in Japan, started clinical trials on 80 patients infected with a new type of coronavirus, with mild symptoms and without symptoms. Now in Japan there is a stock “Avigan”, sufficient to treat two million people.

According to the latest data, the number of cases COVID-19 in Japan was 15 278 people, including 712 who was infected on a cruise ship Diamond Princess, which was quarantined off the coast of Japan in February. Friday identified 261 new cases of infection. From the coronavirus in Japan killed 490 people. The as 332 persons is estimated as heavy. Recovered 4632 person.

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