Copa del Rey, and Normally rose the following week, on Saturday in the final of the Copa del Rey in the program. In the Spanish cup final would be Facing tête-à-tête between the Real Capacity of Adnan Januzaj and Athletic Bilbao, but the corona virus put a stop to it. A final match without the fans, and that is to see our countrymen do not sit in a chair: “We would like to play, but it is not without its fans.”

Capacity of engaged, inter alia, the Real Madrid forward to be in the cup final, to pick up while in Bilbao, the third of Barcelona was able to take it. For Real Sociedad, it would be only the second overall victory in the Match, Bilbao, on the other hand, the trophy 23 times and taken home.

On the clubwebsite is looking to Adnan Januzaj are back in the first game of the bekercampagne, of which Capacity of easy to 0-8 and won by Becerril. Our fellow countrymen have hoped for, along with his teammates that the league has not been suspended, but there has been, however, completely understandable. “We want to continue to play, because we are in a very good shape to grab, and I don’t think that’s changed. However, the priority is health, because without that, there is nothing you can do.”