the Tv host Janni Pedersen and journalist Kim Faber have been together for 25 years, and they point to some of the things, which, they believe, has contributed to the fact that they have done it so far.

For they reveal the fact also that it is not because their relationship has been without problems.

“There are certainly some things you should take care to say in a love relationship. There are things that must not be trifled with,” said Kim Faber for Femina and elaborates:

” To say “we are from each other” or “now must we part” – it is simply not. For one should not close the animals into manegen.”

He and Janni Pedersen met on the Journalisthøjskolen, where he was a teaching assistant in her class.

He went at that time, even at school, but helped so the teacher in some hours, as Pedersen had.

Now, the couple has been together for 25 years and says they are ready in 25 more. Despite, that through the ages has been a few major crises along the way.

Here explains to Faber that his wife was good to make it clear that it would not end up in a break. A determination that Janni Pedersen says, may have something to do with the fact that she herself is skilsmissebarn.

the Pair holds in addition, as Kim Faber refers to as a ‘udholdenhedsgen.’

Kim Faber has also previously explained, that he quickly had a good eye to his future wife.

“Janni is a wildly beautiful woman. And I have just thought from the first time I saw her at the Journalisthøjskolen, where I sat with my friend Jesper and drank beer in the canteen and watched the new students an,” he said last year to Billed-Bladet.

the Pair have recently released their first crime together, which is called ‘winter wonderland’.