Last Saturday, Jan Bühlmann (31) emerged as the winner of the SRF-dance show “Shall we dance?”. He sat down with a lot of Talent and charm even against Sven Epineys (47) by touching marriage proposal. Now the musician, who has put the name of the artist Jan Oliver added wants to conquer the hearts of the people on the street.

He tours a year through Europe

His greatest adventure, he starts in July, and fulfilled a big dream. Together with his girlfriend, a Musical actress Sarah Madeleine Kappeler (31), adopted for his journey, which should take a year. “We have bought a Camper, we will travel across Europe,” says the Mister Switzerland 2010. The challenge: “on the way we Finance our life with street music. So the Plan is, at least,” says the Lucerne. So far, he had played never in public places.

For the journey the Couple has neither a Budget nor a fixed travel plan. Bühlmann explains: “We want to travel with the seasons. In the summer, we are in the North, in the Winter in the South.”

With the trip, he fulfilled a dream

their experience to summarize Bühlmann and Kappeler on the website of your project, “Two and the Moon”. “We will live with nature and together in a confined space to live. This is a challenge we approach with anticipation and Confidence,” said Bühlmann. And he adds: “I wanted to travel always for longer. It is time that I fulfill my dream.”