the Flemish prime-minister Jan Jambon wants to return people to work. In the construction industry, and in the dienstenchequebedrijven there is some appeal is made to the regulations of the unemployment, ” he said at the plenary session of the Flemish Parliament.

The Flemish government and is currently not the intention of the hinderpremie to expand, said Ham on Wednesday. “It doesn’t take away the fact that we are not aware of any other issues. The freelancers in the cultural sector, the sports sector, the youth sector, the international events management company, the travel agency, the bus companies, Etc., are of course affected as well,” said the prime minister’s office. “I’m committed to me for people to have a control. However, the hinderpremie is reserved for those who have been forced to close due to the rules of the National Security council.”

“We’ve got more than a million and a technical unemployed persons and, on the other hand the sectors are sounding the alarm because they are not a people to be found. Just think of fruitpluk, and other crops. I did hear of a system where the people who are in unemployment, the move, while retaining a portion of their social security benefits. But this is a federal matter, what it sounds like. “I have a question is asked, and I am strongly believe that they will soon make the decision to be taken. The VDAB is now ready with a platform for the matchmaker to be.”


the new measures, which the government has yet to announce, it should focus on more activity, it is Ham. If it is in a safe condition may be, there should be more people working on this. “I think that there should be easy access to the technical rate of unemployment is gripped. It is also a good citizenship, in order to ensure that the company continues to operate. I call upon the private sector to step up its responsibility.”

Ham spoke of the construction of the dienstenchequebedrijven as the sectors in which social distancing can be observed. “In the construction industry are still opportunities to get together with the social distancing to work. The majority of people, however, feel free to go up as the cleaning lady below is doing? I do not agree with it for the entire industry to shut down. I think there’s more to work with than today’s work.”

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