Usually looks like James Milners social media all the other football players. A little boring and a little predictable.

It has, however, changed during the coronakarantæne, as they are also experiencing in the british isles at the moment.

It started with a Liverpool-player Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain put a corona-dance in its social media. It was James Milner to respond.

James Milner has a reputation for to be a conscientious man, and he makes himself a bit of fun with. First with a cocky remark to the Chamberlain, after which he rationalised tea home in private. The grass was also cut with a ruler and the pencils themselves were tapered milimeterpræcist to the children’s hjemmeskole.

Milners recent shoots on the trunk surpasses the other.

Here is decidedly quarantine-haddock.

He puts his quarantine-starting lineup up, and there are a few familiar faces in amongst. There has been made room for teammate Gini Wijnaldum, who comes to sight when one rubs on the lamp. Manchester City player David Silva also came to the team via a silver coin. Thierry Henry did also claim that vacuum cleaner in the striker position.

Several prominent names have given their comments to the ad on Instagram. Including Frank Lampard, who only have grineemojis to spare, that he as the lamp has been placed on the bench.

the Premier League is so far closed down until 30. april. Here leading Liverpool comfortably with the whole 25 points down to Manchester City. the Watch James Milners recent video at the top of the article