Normally, today would be the familiemusical Pocahontas in the premiere. The corona virus has decided, however, different. To be the wreckage of the cultural sector in the spotlight, it was decided the Exception of the theaterhuis, James Cooke, for a first song, from the musical ‘ to launch it.

The video for will Not be alone in this world, is the full cast sung from the perspective of their ‘side’. “The issue is more relevant than ever,” says producer James Cooke. “We hope that in these difficult times, many of the people, the hearts to stitch. If all of this is behind us, we can only continue to exist if the theater is the entrance to our rooms to find, and the publishers act together.”

The productions of Pocahontas and the coronapandemie moved to the end of september. On the 26th of september, with the premiere features in the Capitole in Ghent.

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