He had to pick up his daughters home from England last weekend, and he is still concerned about his old parents in Nsw.

But in France, where the tv host Jakob Kjeldberg is in forced quarantine, he feels at ease despite the French government’s violent actions. He now hope that the Danish government – and not least the Danish people – will follow suit, so every year can be broken once and for all.

“to Think that you would have a Queen to pull handles up in people. It is sad and forargeligt that people can not understand, they should be at home,” says the Danish tv-host, who has lived in the south of France the last 14 years.

Jakob Kjeldberg, his wife and their two daughters have been in quarantine since Tuesday at 12 o’clock, where the president of the French republic Emmanuel Macron introduced the curfew.

Here reached the family just to act before the country closed down, and only Friday morning, Jakob Kjeldberg again been able to leave his home.

Armed with a signed formula, where the tv-host, swear on the faith and love that he will only run out after the necessities for the family, and that he in fact does not have any other in the car.

On the way there, he saw a man who was about to go for a walk with his dog, and which was stopped by the police, and now stood and pointed frantically at a nearby building.

“You may only leave his home in a radius of two kilometres. And you don’t have a valid reason to do it, you get a fine of around 1000 Danish kroner. And they think it is. I know several who have been fined for being too far away from their home.”

even Though the sound moved, as is Jakob Kjeldberg happy for the drastic action. He seems to, in turn, to the Danish government’s ban on assembly of more than ten persons is a strange, flaccid middle ground.

“it Was to me, who still have elderly parents living in Nsw, as I may be concerned, then the government could well go harder to the. When they put a max of ten people, goes to kindergarten in the. So, if you try to challenge it. We humans are basically egoists, so if the rules can be misunderstood, then we do it,” says Jakob Kjeldberg.

Though he did not live in Denmark, follow with what is happening in the country of origin. And he is especially outraged over how the people bow the recommendations and meet in the parks to enjoy themselves in the sun.

“I’m being almost ‘Robinson’-excited and get the urge to bawl out,” says Jakob Kjeldberg, with reference to its værtsskab on the TV3 programme ‘the Robinson Expedition’, in which he is particularly well known for his hard stance towards the participants.

But Denmark is not the only country that could learn something from France, the strict rules, he believes. Last weekend was Jakob Kjeldberg and his wife in England for their two big girls on 16 and 18.

one had just finished a semester at Cambridge University, while the youngest had two weeks left at a boarding school before she could come home to France and keeping the christmas holidays.

It was actually planned, forældreparret just needed to have visited the youngest. But she was home before the time, tell the tv host.

“In London, it seemed not quite as if, people had grasped the seriousness. So it was simply a matter of, we had more confidence in the French method to beat down hard. And it turned out to be good, for now they’ve closed the schools down in England.”

So now it relaxes the whole family out in the garden in Grasse outside Nice. They can not do otherwise.

Jakob Kjeldberg should next month have made recordings for 22. season of ‘the Robinson Expedition’, but they are provisionally postponed three months due to the current world situation.

His wife, who is a fitness instructor, working from home, where she now offers lessons via the internet.

“In the time we live in, you can fortunately find many solutions. But otherwise we take just the days one at a time,” says Jakob Kjeldberg from its quarantine.