During a walk in the woods in Bielefeld, the former editor-in-chief of the Bild newspaper, Kai Diekmann, encounters a small fawn – which then never leaves his side. A hunter knew what to do.

Actually, it should only be a relaxed walk in the forest near Bielefeld. Ex-“Bild” boss Kai Diekmann (57) made an exciting encounter with a small fawn, which then decided to follow him. The 57-year-old documented the encounter on Twitter: “I’ve got a small, big problem right now! This still quite young friend I just met while walking in the woods and doesn’t want to let go of me…”. What now? His followers know the advice and answer: “If necessary, call wildlife care if mom is no longer there.”

The journalist follows the advice and first informs the police, who then put him in touch with a hunter. Diekmann then explains on Twitter how such a problem can be solved. “So, here is my little friend still. I’ve spoken to the hunter now and the hunter says try to run away real quick. Let’s see what happens then. In any case, it won’t come afterwards.” How the story will end is not known, but it is to be hoped that the fawn’s mother will soon take care of the little one again.

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The original of this post “Kai Diekmann has “a small, big problem” with an abandoned fawn” comes from Bunte.de.