Prime Minister Boris Johnson (55) wants to make the EU’s accession to undo. His new Minister for parliamentary Affairs would like to go even further – and the UK around 200 years back: Jacob Rees-Mogg (50) has instructed its employees, imperiale said to follow rules.

In letters and E-Mails need to be born men in the future as “High” (engl. Esquire) will be contacted. Numerous terminology and wording that you want to read Rees-Mogg, never again.


very (very)

due to (because of)

lot (a lot)

ongoing (all the time)

unacceptable (unacceptable)

equal (equivalent)

invest (e.g., in schools) are, among other things:

I am pleased to learn … (I am happy to know me …)

I note the/understand your concerns … (I’ll take your concerns to the attention of …)

For amusement in the social networks of Rees-Moggs statement, especially to re-use the old English mass. The UK was abandoned in 1963, with the Weights and Measures Act in favour of the metric system of Inches, Yards and Feet. Since then, decimal units, such as meters or kilograms, also apply to the British Isles.

reluctantly, Rees-Mogg Mays supports Brexit Deal

Parliament, Minister Rees-Mogg, a Catholic, a six-time father and multi-millionaire – is notorious for eccentric behavior. Because of his Foibles for outdated language and double-breasted suits are called the traditionalists also “member of Parliament for the 18. Century”.

In the past year, he fought especially Theresa May. In Protest against the Brexit Deal of Johnson’s predecessor, with Brussels strained Rees-Mogg in December 2018, a miss of no confidence against the then Prime Minister. Out of concern that the EU could exit completely tilted, he supported may’s Deal from the end of March, reluctantly.

Boris Johnson’s feeder in Downing Street on Wednesday rose Rees-Mogg from backbencher to one of the most important members of the Cabinet. No sooner had he purchased his new office, sent his strict guide Spoke to all the staff. On Demand, he held, one asked him how he imagined the correspondence. As he pulled the list out of the drawer.