“Minister for the Beading friends with Turkovic was given satisfactory comments, which exclude the interpretation of the content of the article in a negative light, says the Russian diplomatic mission in Sarajevo. – It was emphasized the mutual aspiration to strengthening and development of comprehensive friendly relations between Russia and BiH with a focus on practical aspects.”

meanwhile, the author’s text Ivantsova has been published in “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. It was a response to the numerous articles in the Bosnian media, was released under the headlines: “Russia has undermined the sovereignty of BiH”. At the same time, journalists relied on any alleged report of the Committee of the Senate of the United States. Our diplomat has openly called the us accusations of Russia of undermining the sovereignty of Bosnia and Herzegovina are false and designed to mislead the General public that the atmosphere of tension to solve their own problems.

“We are against the expansion of NATO – an aggressive military-political bloc, which creates dividing lines in Europe and undermine European stability and security, – explained in his article, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation. NATO – is that from a purely political selfish tasks on their own initiative, in violation of international law bombed cities and bridges, civilian infrastructure, causing the suffering of innocent civilians, did not hesitate to use depleted uranium, infecting vast territory here in the Balkans, in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the consequences of which will be felt on the health of all of you and us another century. So, Yes, we – Russia is against NATO expansion. We have the right and the obligation to have a position on this issue. But in terms of integration aspirations, big this is purely your own business. Read as written, your own business. BiH as a sovereign state has the right to bond and not bond with anyone. The thesis is obvious. I’m not here the first year and see what the consensus is on the topic NATO integration in the local society there. It’s too obvious. Attempts to “push” the integration of BiH in the Alliance undermined bases of functioning of BiH as a state of three equal peoples and two entities with broad constitutional powers, threaten the security and stability. Russia as one of the guarantors of the peace agreement, has every right and obligation to point it out and to work in favor of strict compliance with Dayton principles.”

From 30 August to 14 September 1995 on the territory of modern Bosnia and Herzegovina was held the first large-scale military operation in NATO’s history – “Deliberate force”, in which NATO aircraft were bombing positions of the local Serbs. Then for two weeks was committed 3206 sorties and spose��of about 1,000 bombs, applied 13 cruise missiles of sea basing “the Tomahawk”, and the implications of the use of depleted uranium munitions are still dying by the locals.

the Bombing of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia by NATO forces began March 24 and ended on 10 June 1999. The operation was called “allied force” and its necessity was explained by the presence of Yugoslav forces on the territory of the Autonomous province of Kosovo and Metohija and allegedly conducting ethnic cleansing there. As a result, the air attack has been a strategically important military and civilian targets in Belgrade, Pristina, Uzice, Novi Sad, Kragujevac, Kraljevo, Podgorica, was made 35 thousand combat aviabiletov, which involved about 1,000 aircraft and helicopters dropped 79,000 tons of explosives (including 156 containers with 37440 cluster bombs, prohibited by international law).

According to estimates by the Yugoslav side, during the bombing the total number of deaths of civilians exceeded 2,500 people, about 10 thousand people were seriously injured, went missing more than 820 people, most of them Serbs. Material damage to the state amounted to 29.6 billion dollars.

In the Balkans did not stop the investigation and the discussion about the crimes of NATO in the region in the 90-ies of the last century. But if before this was done mainly to Serbian experts, now published serious materials Kosovo media and analysts, raising the question of the legality of NATO’s actions during the conflict. Thus, according to the Kosovars, 25 kilometers from Skopje, NATO aircraft dropped 10 tons of prohibited ammunition with depleted uranium that is causing cancers and premature deaths of Albanians in Macedonia and Kosovo to this day. Local environmental organizations instantly sounded the alarm, calling the perpetrators of the incident and “clean” areas. Pristina “Newspaper Express” even published a map of the infected areas. According to her, the greatest radioactive pollution of soil is observed in the areas of Macedonia and the self-proclaimed Kosovo: Shar Planina, derwinski of Klisura and Kacanik.