Greek MEP Eva Kaili has admitted part of the allegations in the corruption scandal. You knew about the activities. She was also aware that there were suitcases full of money in her house.

Greek MEP Eva Kaili has made a partial confession to Brussels investigating judge Michel Claise. This is reported by the Italian newspaper “La Repubblica” and the Belgian newspaper “Le Soir”. Accordingly, Kaili said: “It is true. I knew about Mr. Panzeri’s activities.” Long-time MEP Antonio Panzeri is at the center of the corruption investigation.

Kaili continued, “And I knew there were suitcases full of money in my house.”

According to the reports, Kaili is only admitting what the investigators have known for a long time. That it was she who warned her father about the searches and told him to take the money away. Kaili also warned Panzeri and two other MPs. The money found on Kaili and the warning calls were reason enough for investigators to arrest her.

A total of 1.5 million euros in cash were found in the course of the corruption scandal. Kaili is suspected of having been paid by Qatar to champion the Gulf state’s interests. The Greek is in custody in Belgium.

On Thursday, a large majority of MEPs voted in favor of suspending access rights for Qatari lobbyists for the duration of the investigation. The final decision rests with Parliament Speaker Roberta Metsola.

Metsola told Funke Mediengruppe newspapers (Monday editions) that she had “a clear message for all the bad actors in third countries who think they can use money to get their way”. Parliament will stand in their way.

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