A couple decides to have a child-free wedding. But the bride’s cousin doesn’t want to accept that. She films the discussion, which is viewed millions of times online.

The wedding should be the most beautiful day of their lives for the bride and groom. They often have precise ideas about how this special event should go. For a British bride-to-be, children are not part of the ideal wedding ceremony.

But her cousin absolutely cannot understand this decision. A scandal breaks out in a phone call. A video of this is currently going viral on TikTok and is causing discussions.

In the video you can see the bride-to-be talking to her cousin on the phone in her car. “I just want to remind you that it’s a child-free wedding,” the woman begins the conversation. “But they’re not even badly behaved,” replies the mother. Eventually they would go to private school and be “old enough to know how to behave.”

But the bride doesn’t let this argument go through. She just doesn’t want the children to misbehave at her party. The mother goes on to say that she has already bought wedding clothes for the children. “Why have you already done this if you haven’t even received the invitation yet?” asks the woman.

Little Ellie would probably have simply assumed that she would be allowed to be the flower girl, says the unreasonable mother and asks: “Is it because you don’t have any children yet?” The bride doesn’t accept that either. It wasn’t their decision alone, but as a couple they decided to spend the day child-free.

“It’s our day,” the bride tries to reassure her cousin. “What happens if I just bring the children anyway?” The bride then finds clearer words: “If you bring the children, you won’t get in. It’s up to you now what you’re going to do.”

“Then we just won’t come,” says the mother and adds: “Lick me.”

Many users on TikTok cannot understand the mother’s behavior and criticize it harshly in the comments. “Your children are YOUR life, not anyone else’s. “Parents have to finally understand this,” writes one user, for example. Another user describes that her friendship with her “best friend” fell apart because she also decided to have a child-free wedding. She still wouldn’t regret this.

Another user writes: “Even if it’s not a child-free wedding, I would leave my children at home.”

A future bride from Austria also recently caused controversy with her wedding preparations, because Cornelia is planning an unconventional wedding without a white dress.

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