The first month of the year is almost over. Many Germans made it their goal this January to lose weight – but not everyone succeeds. A new study shows what diet success depends on.

Calories aren’t everything. This is the conclusion of a new study by Stanford University. The scientists investigated what the success of short-term and long-term diets depends on. In their analysis, they evaluated the data of around 600 people. Some of them were on a low-carbohydrate and some on a low-fat diet.

The team came to the following conclusion: In addition to the reduced calorie intake, three biomarkers were particularly relevant for weight loss:

The team published its results in the journal Cell Reports Medicine. According to the researchers, these markers provide information about the function of a person’s metabolism. And thus also on which diet method she can use to lose weight.

“Weight loss is mysterious and complicated, but we can use microbiome and metabolic biomarkers to predict who will lose the most weight and who will keep it off, right from the start,” said study author Michael Snyder. The study shows that cutting calories or exercising is not enough to maintain weight loss for a year. “There are people who eat very few calories but still don’t lose weight because of their metabolism. It’s not a lack of will: it’s just the way her body works,” shared author Dalia Perelman. In other words, if your body prefers carbohydrates and you eat mostly fat, it will be much more difficult to metabolize and burn those calories.

An analysis of these markers could be worthwhile for anyone who is severely or unhealthily overweight. These could then form the basis for personalized nutrition plans, the team concludes.

Research hasn’t gotten that far yet. Until then, however, everyone should eat high-quality food that is unprocessed and contains little refined flour and sugar. For the respective diets, the experts also recommend paying attention to certain nutrients.

Low carb (few carbohydrates)

low fat

Anyone who has already tested one of the diets and has not had any success with it should perhaps switch to the other diet.

Every year, nutrition experts analyze as part of the “U.S. News

For the sixth time in a row, the so-called Mediterranean diet (also: Mediterranean diet) came in first. Although weight loss is not immediate, it is long-term and healthy. It is also easy to implement and has been classified by the experts as particularly family-friendly.

Strictly speaking, this is not a diet, but a form of nutrition. It arose in the regions of the European Mediterranean coasts, for example in Italy, Greece or France, but in particular are mainly used

consumed. The diet is also mostly seasonal and regional. Meat, sausage and dairy products, on the other hand, end up on the plate less frequently.

All of this is “incredibly good for general well-being,” the experts write. This is also confirmed by numerous studies that show that the Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of certain chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes. The German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases found out in 2021 that a Mediterranean diet can also protect against memory loss and dementia.

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