A few days ago the singer Glucose (Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova) was denied entry into the territory of Ukraine. To cross the border of this country now it is forbidden for the next three years. According to the singer, she is just now recovered from the shock and decided to tell what happened.

In Kiev Glucose came from personal and creative purposes – she was going to see friends and work on new music. Previously, she has prohibited for a three-year entry to Ukraine, but its effect has already expired. However, this time on the airport it is not allowed. The guards interrogated her for several hours, and in the Ukrainian language, despite the fact that the singer can speak it, and the main question was "who?". All this she told in his "Instagram".

After talking with the staff of border service of Glucose, according to her, remained in a poor emotional state, so long and did not comment on the incident. "it’s a Shame to tears that you shamelessly humiliate, provoke, use and just throw in the furnace of this political farce", – shared the singer with emotion.