Over 900 people in the course of the past day died in Italy after they were infected with the coronavirus.

the Number of dead as a result of the corona virus are in a day increased by 919, communicate to the Italian authorities on Friday.

It is the highest since the outbreak began.

Before then, it was the highest death toll on a single day in Italy 793. It was registered in maryland.

In all, 9134 people who were infected with the coronavirus, died in Italy.

The official figures show that Thursday was 712 coronadødsfald on a day, Wednesday, 683, Tuesday, 743, while Monday was 602 dead.

The worst affected region, Lombardy in northern Italy, indicate a marked increase in the number of dead compared to the day before.

Here are a total of 5402 died and 37.298 confirmed infected.

a Day before the figures were in Lombardy, respectively, 4861 dead, and 34.889 infected. This means that in the course of a day is 541 died alone in the Lombardy region.

a Little more patients is admitted to the intensive care unit in Italy. There are a total of 3732 seriously ill patients against the 3612 the day before.

Of the tens of thousands of people in Italy are nearly 11,000 reported completely healthy again. It is a further 600 raskmeldte since Thursday.

The total number of confirmed smittetilfælde across Italy has risen to 86.498. The day before it was 80.539.

the Numbers from Friday include 50 deaths, which actually happened Thursday in the northern region of Piedmont. But the message from the authorities in Piedmont came too late, that they were counted in the national statistics on Thursday night.

It has led to confusion and has meant that some of the media Friday night wrongly reported on the 969 died in the place of 919.

Italy now has more infected people than China, which has confirmed the button 82.000 smittetilfælde. Already, Italy has – for the longest – recorded a significantly higher number of coronadødsfald than China, which officially has about 3300 deaths as a result of the virus.

the UNITED states is the country with the most confirmed smittetilfælde. On Thursday night, the U.S. announced that the country has over 86.000 confirmed infected. The figure is expected to rise further, as new figures are reported Friday.