the Number of deaths among coronasmittede in Italy rounds 18,000 in total. New admissions will rise a bit.

the Number of coronadødsfald is increased in the course of the past day in Italy. In the past day, the country has registered 610 deaths among persons infected with the coronavirus.

this was stated by The Italian health authorities on Thursday.

the Day before was the number of dead 542.

Thus the southern european country registered a total 18.279 coronadødsfald, ago virusudbruddet hit the country in February.

Italy is still the country in the world that has the highest number of deaths among patients infected with the coronavirus.

Also, the number of new smittetilfælde is slightly increased, the figures on Thursday.

There are 4204 several confirmed smittetilfælde compared to the day before.

Wednesday was the increase in the total number of infected is less, namely at 3836.

despite the fact that the number of both the dead and the infected has increased over the past day, there are also a few bright spots in Thursday’s figures.

For the sixth day in a row, there are slightly fewer patients hospitalized at its intensive care units.

Thursday is a total of 3605 seriously ill patients in intensive care. The day before was the number 3693.

Since February, Italy has recorded a total of 143.626 confirmed smittetilfælde.

It is the third number of infected people in the world, surpassed only by the UNITED states and Spain.

Of the over 143.000, who are, or have been confirmed infected, 28.470 reported healthy again. This is an increase of almost 2000 raskmeldte patients since Wednesday.