Italian hotel filed a lawsuit in China because of the coronavirus

ROME, April 22 – RIA Novosti, Alexander Logunov. Hotel on the Italian resort of Cortina D”Ampezzo sued the Ministry of health of China due to the damages it suffered because of the epidemic of the coronavirus.

the Hotel accuses the Chinese authorities in “delayed reporting the world health organization on the spread of the coronavirus related morbidity and mortality in the period from November to December 2019”. In addition, according to the lawsuit, which is resolved by the court of Belluno, China has not taken the necessary check upon departure from their airports that have led to huge losses for the Italian tourism.

As stated to the TV channel Tgcom24, the lawyer of the hotel Marco Vignola, it could follow the example of other tourist structures. His clients have missed the opportunity to hold the world Cup final in Alpine skiing, which were held in town in the Italian Alps in March.

In a statement, hotel representatives say about its emergency closing on March 12 in the midst of the winter season, which “has led to disastrous consequences, including dismissal of employees and termination of supply contracts. The hotel asks the court Belluno to recognize the “serious lapse” of the Chinese Ministry, which “did not allow the Italian government to take swift action that must be taken in public health, which will undoubtedly minimise the negative effects” of the epidemic COVID-19.

Earlier in court for China, filed the U.S. state of Missouri, accusing the country in pandemic coronavirus. According to the state attorney General, the Chinese government has “lied to the world about the danger and transmissibility COVID-19, silenced those who complained, and did nothing to stop the spread of the disease.”

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