the Italian Senate voted for the abolition of immunity of former Minister of internal Affairs of the country, Matteo Salvini, It opens the way to attract the right populist politician, who held also the post of Deputy Prime Minister, to criminal liability due to the prohibition on landings of more than 160 migrants to the shores of Italy by sea in the summer of 2019.

the Senate minor majority of 149 votes to 141 allowed the investigation in respect of Matteo Salvini.

Former Deputy Prime Minister and interior Minister of Italy blamed the episode with the ship of the Spanish charitable organization Proactiva Open Arms, which in August last year, picked up in the Mediterranean sea 164 migrant. It brought them to the island of Lampedusa. For several weeks, Matteo Salvini did not allow the passengers immigrant to come ashore, until it finally stepped in the court.

Representatives from charitable organizations told us that after 19 days at the coast of Lampedusa, the situation on the ship began to deteriorate. People have become more irritable, among them, there were conflicts. Some passengers even had suicidal ideations – they threatened to take her own life if nobody wants to accept them.

Prosecutors accused Sicily Salvini unlawful detainment of citizens. Now he faces a prison sentence of up to 15 years, The Guardian reports.

He 47-year-old former interior Minister pleaded not guilty and insists that the prevention of disembarkation of illegal migrants at that time was part of public policy.

“to Protect Italy is not a crime – said Matteo Salvini on Wednesday, July 29. – I’m proud of it, I’d do it again, and I’ll do it again. I continue to go forward with your head held high and a clear conscience, can calmly look into the eyes of their children, as I have done my duty.”

For 14 months of his tenure Salvini has repeatedly denied the ships carrying rescued in the Mediterranean of migrants, to land them in Italy. As a result of this policy people could be many weeks at sea. For its part, the Italian Deputy Prime Minister was accused of “benefactors” people who smuggled immigrants in Europe into the actual cooperation with the illegal “human traffic”.

Recall that in February of this year, the Italian Senate had voted for the Salvini deprivation of parliamentary immunity in a similar case related to a ship of the Italian coast guard Gregoretti. In the summer of 2019 and the crew picked up at sea, about 130 migrants who were not allowed to disembark in the Sicilian port of Augusta.

the Situation was resolved only after some EU countries agreed to take people and place them at home. The first su��ebnoe hearing in this matter was adjourned to October 3 due to limitations related to the coronavirus.

the leader of the “League” (formerly named “Northern League” and advocated the secession from Italy industrialized and wealthy Northern Italian regions) Matteo Salvini has proven himself not only as one of the leaders of the European “anti-immigrant front” (as it was called in the Western media).

the Salvini is known for its positive attitude to Russia. He was seen to go to the Crimea and photographed in red square t-shirt with the image of the Russian President. In the West, Salvini has won the reputation of “friend of Putin”.

Although his tenure as interior Minister Matteo Salvini formally held the Vice-Premiership, in fact it was called the real leader of Italy. But as a result of another government crisis policies has lost his job, being in opposition – and now face serious charges that may lead him to the prison cell.