Partner and Director of the company “Intellectual reserve,” Paul meat eaters revealed to the Russians the danger of shopping on the Internet in an interview with the Agency “Prime”.

According to him, when making purchases via the Internet there is a risk to be left without goods and without money on the card. In order to avoid this, it is better to put on computer or cell phone a good antivirus which must be periodically updated. So you can protect yourself from going to a suspicious website.

The expert also advised before purchase read reviews about the product and the seller on third party sites to find out details concerning the products quality and delivery time.

Also, not to be left without purchase, it is best to pay for the goods upon receipt, after checking the contents. If this is not possible, you can use the Bank card, which comes salary or any charges, the expert adds. In this case, the scammers can steal more money than is on the card.

Informed analysis of the company Data Insight and the organizing Committee of the conference for online retailers IDRF’2020 showed that residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg were more likely to shop online since the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus. Prior to the spread of coronavirus in just 43 percent of respondents have made online purchases more than once per month. In the period of days the proportion of Russians has increased to 80 percent. The townspeople began to spend more money on FMCG goods, i.e., food, medicines and pet products.