When I was a child, it was always a great relief to be sick. The school was no bother. The option was to run the cab down to the mother, to be enveloped in the blankets. Perhaps there was also a soap opera on the television, there are simple people, good and evil, flickering past.

It is also something easy såpeoperaaktig over rollegalleriet in Oyinkan Braithwaites debutroman. The one sister is in their eyes, ugly as ass, but sensible and practical bent. The other is as beautiful as a goddess, but with a propensity to stick the knife into all the men she meets.

the Knife she has inherited from their deceased father, who knocked them both yellow and blue so often he got the chance.

Handsome doctor

Såpeoperapreget is reinforced by the fact that the novel partly takes place in the hospital environment. The mystery, to the extent that it is no mystery, composed in about the beautiful sister also will be able to kverke the handsome doctor. It is he that the ugly sister is in love with.

It’s fairly flat, the content is not in style with the gorgeous packaging. It is also not in style with the accumulation of praise from bloggers and serious media. This brag has the publisher chosen to press as a kind of afterword in the book.

“Lost in Translation”

Henning J. Gundersen has done a okay job with the translation. But when I saw gives me in the throws of reading the original, I see that some of the Braithwaites linguistic qualities have disappeared on the road.

In the original enters the dust, the dirt and the colors in the thus learn the nigerian capital more clearly presented. Doing the same hierarchy in the hospital, komikken that occurs when the smellvakre sister moves gracefully around in the world without a moral compass. Also the dynamics between the sisters and their mother becomes sharper.

In his original nigerian-English edition is “My Sister, the Serial Killer” quite entertaining. In the Norwegian version appear all viraken around this – strictly speaking, not particularly good debutromanen – as the book’s perhaps the biggest mystery.