Nikita Mikhalkov, is a major conspiracy, has put forward to address bill gates charged with intent to chipped people.

According to his version, gates will be chipped humanity under the guise of vaccinations against coronavirus. But in fact the person will not be introduced vaccine, and chip, through which they can be controlled by means of cryptocurrency.

In the program, which was recently broadcast on television, Mikhalkov demonstrated paper in English with numbers, assuring that it application of the company bill gates patent on cryptocephalinae.

Alert, Nikita alerted a number of application – WO/2020/060606.

“It was an accident or deliberate choice of such a number, which in the Apocalypse of John called the number of the beast is 666?”, – he stabs the dagger in question is bill gates, tearing the covers from his black intentions.

followed by a significant pause, so the audience can gasp and crossed himself.

“And, by the way, if anyone knows, adds our great film Director, dealing the latest blow to an already defeated bill gates. – If you add up all the numbers on the roulette in a casino, you will have exactly that number is 666”.

According to Mikhalkov, chipping need bill gates to reduce the world’s population and improve the environment. Using cryptopleurine it will make people samoubijtsa – the conclusion brings its viewers Nikita.

to comment on his logical reasoning we can’t. Rather, there needs to have your say clinicians.

We can only note that Mikhalkov is catastrophically late.

His brothers in mind – American conspiracy theorists – he’s got bill gates in February-March and then were accused of intending to reduce the world population through vaccination.

According to the company Zignal Labs, which analyzes the content of the media, the most popular video spreading version of the connection of the gates with a coronavirus, in March and April got more than 10 million hits. In social networks, this theory was mentioned more than 1.2 million times and “broke” the theory that people get sick with coronavirus because of the 5G radio waves.

bill gates is a billionaire. He is “worth” about $ 100 billion. From the company, Microsoft moved in 2008 to focus on philanthropy and created the bill and Melinda gates Foundation. Now it is one of the world’s largest private philanthropic organizations.

the Foundation is sponsoring projects in the who vaccination in Third world countries.

This fact he blamed antireligioznik. They believe that any vaccinations cause harm, and gates deliberately their advocates and sponsors, to reduce the world’s population.

Conspiracy theorists who agree in principle with the vaccination, see trouble in the other. According to them, gates is promoting “bad��e” vaccines that do more harm than good.

to Refute or confirm these bold ideas we can’t. Yes and no, probably can’t again with the exception of clinicians.

really, this brings to mind a similar story. Much smaller, of course, scale.

once one of the members of our suburban SNT – horticultural that is partnership – decided it was time for us to asphalt the main street because of pits, puddles and impossible to drive. When he raised this question, other members said that will not give a penny, because he exactly the money was stolen and nothing asphalted – for all invented.

Then this member of the SNT paved Central street on your personal funds.

Now all go through it and say that it is poorly paved. Unevenly. And in the alleys still no asphalt, just on the main street, and as they to the gate to get her? Why road works carried out somehow? A disgrace!

If the number of the plot of this member of the SNT was with sixes, he would have probably burned. As the Antichrist with the number of the beast.

But part of it without sixes, thank God. Only those saved.