TV, in Spite of their rather short time on “Temptation Island,” the Dutch Gianni (27) and Melissa (23) is still one of the most widely reported candidates, it was due to a smuggled mobile phone, without the excuse of the island of the beagle channel. In-Reply says It will go back to his adventure.

Sorry It is not from his / her participation, he told The Observer. Quite to the contrary. “I think it’s fun to join in to the Temptation, but She found it less and less,” he said. “I have no regrets, but it would be for her not have to participate.”

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Dutch experienced a wonderful time in the villa in Thailand. “I thought it was wonderful at the villa, but he was mostly busy with everything else around it,” he, however, admitted. “The eight-verleidsters I saw, of course, but I was more focused on the production, and how the camera operators to the work, and all that kind of stuff.” After all, he had underestimated how persistent the verleidsters, it sounds like it is. “Little did I know that there are a lot of fun, but he also knew, though, that I’m not one of those guys would be in the wrong. Still, these girls look really good in your mind to do.” Especially, when the alcohol of the evening, flowing freely, is dangerous. “Well, you do have to pay attention to what you are doing. I drew my own plans,” says Gianni. “In any case, I was listening, not to the creators, who are still all saying ” you Can’t find the bathroom and walk in? Can’t find that good girl talk?’ So, I have some encounters with the artists, because I’m not in the mood for it.”
hours and Hours of waiting

Some of the collision was a fire “A catastrophe”. “We were made to stand in the afternoon and within ten minutes to prepare,” says Gianni. “And then they left us waiting for hours on a park bench. A ridiculous, so-called because of a technical fault.” The Dutch decided that it was time to but to bed, to lie down, and refused to be there, which is yet to come. “It took me a lot of a long time. That kind of stuff I don’t like. Everyone was in a state of panic.” Eventually found It in his bed before, when he had been promised that she really would have to leave.