According to authorities, on Thursday, June 25, will cover a number of streets in connection with the return of the military transport to the places of permanent deployment.

“After the parade of military equipment will go in the Pacific to the place of deployment,” according to the information center.

Complete overlap will act on June 25 from 9:00 until the end of the event on the following streets: street 1-ya Magistral’naya, North overpass, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Silicate travel. And Zvenigorodskoe highway (in the direction of Mnevniki in the opposite lane), street Mnevniki (in the direction of the street in the opposite lane), prospect Marshala Zhukova (from the Boulevard General Karbysheva to the street people’s Militia), the street (from street Mnevniki to Karamyshevskaya embankment in the opposite lane), Karamyshevsky bridge (in the direction Mnevniki), St. Krylatskaya (from Rublevsky highway to street Bottom Mnevniki in the direction Mnevniki), Lower Mnevniki str. (from Krylatskaya street to Karamyshevskaya the bridge in the Mnevniki).

on this day from 10:00 until the end of the event will be fully overlapping as the passage of the column in the locations: Lower Mnevniki St., St. Krylatskaya str Autumn, Rublevskoe shosse, outer Moscow ring road from Rublevsky highway to Mozhaisk highway, Mozhayskoe, Minsk highway, А107 Moscow small ring and the front area Alabino.

Also, a ban on the Parking of vehicles from 23 June to 12:00 June 25 at St. Krylatskaya (from Autumn street to street Bottom Mnevniki), Autumn St. (from Rublevsky highway to the street Krylatskaya) and 2-m Silicate journey in the district., 8.