It became known how much are the most expensive Khrushchev in St Petersburg

Apartment in the Khrushchev in the Central district of St. Petersburg is two times higher than the dwelling house of the same type in Krasnoselsky district. To such conclusion analysts of the Agency “Nevsky prostor” by analyzing data for sale in St. Petersburg Khrushchev.

In the Central area of the model homes quite a bit and now the average price of apartments offered for sale in such buildings is 7.2 million rubles. This is the most expensive Khrushchev in the city. In second place is the Moscow area, where the average sale price of 5.89 million rubles.

it is Worth noting that the situation in the Moscow district is heterogeneous. There are several quarters for more than a decade ago, some under renovation, where there are Khrushchev, the first series with gas pumps. In these locations a minimum price, if you wish, you can even find an apartment for 3.9 million rubles.

In third place was the Vasileostrovsky district, where the average apartment can be purchased for 5,64 million rubles. Of course, if you are lucky to find such an apartment on Vasilievsky island home of this type can be counted on the fingers. Virtually none of Khrushchev and in the Admiralty district, and also on the Petrograd side. At the time of the study here was not exposed to any condos for sale in this type.

the Most affordable in Petersburg Khrushchev are in Krasnoselsky district, the average price of 3.64 million rubles. Bottom bracket – 2.6 million rubles, so it is a one-bedroom fixer-apartment in Krasnoselsky district in the distant from the metro district.

For 4.33 million rubles to buy apartments in the Krasnogvardeisky district, over 4.49 million in the Nevsky.

overall, the authors of a study from October 2019 prices on Khrushchev in St. Petersburg rose by 390 thousand rubles.