the Rumors about the opening of laboratorna began to circulate in the city somewhere in the beginning of June. Had not yet been cancelled multiple restrictions in connection with the coronavirus. But the people who loved to hike in the area of Ostankino, occasionally still wondered when the facility is open to all. Just recently, robotic restaurant, which analogues in Russia yet, earned in the usual mode.

Network opened laboratory, there are in many countries of the world, Moscow is one of the most popular fastfudnyh institutions. That is not a classic restaurant with waiters, music, tips, in fact, a diner. All establishments of this chain are the kiosks, where we have used queues to generate orders and then pay by card. But the box office still are living people and issuing orders. And Butyrskaya all made much more technical. At the entrance visitors are greeted by the terminals. The ones that are in ordinary cafes. However, even here there is a machine that accepts cash. All of this is officially called digital kiosks. But the most important innovation in this. Each display has a camera. Maybe it’s just surveillance? No, this is a real face recognition system. These cameras are in many areas of our city, they usually help the police solve crimes and catch the crooks on the run. And then the system remembers each made the order. Everyone who ordered food from her, is assigned a unique code. About the same as in the usual “human” institutions. First, choose dishes and beverages: for example, fries, stripsy, us. Click “pay”. And then the camera inspects us. If you come in the company, “characterized by a” device of the one who stood closest to him. Why do it, will soon find out.

so, the system generates an order and sends it to the kitchen. No, cook your burgers and twisters with real people, you can watch the process. Part of the kitchen space is open. And yet – pour coffee using the installed machine in the hall. It also has a camera. And just imagine – the coffee machine knows you in person! Compared your photo and the appearance of the person who stands in front of her and pours… exactly what you ordered. To trick the machine will not work: she definitely remembers not only the customer but also the previously selected drink. To follow the fate of his order on a large display in the dining room. Once stripsy are fried and the potatoes will go in the bag, will light up a room within the Finish. Besides the order number indicates the screen and the cell. These cells, replacement of the zone of issue. The one where all the while shouting “Free cash!” or “Take the 55 order!”. Approach the cell again and look at the camera. Oops, electronics accurately remembered his recent client and issued required��him the potatoes. The transfer of food does the robot – or rather, a mechanical arm that picks up at a prearranged point burgers, stripsy, and other edibles. How your stripsy are on the pipeline that you can follow in person.

wait a Minute. But now we have a pandemic. And like all of us in public places, including in restaurants, to wear masks. And what if the machine doesn’t recognise me, hiding his face under a piece of gauze? But this is the case in the corner is the touch assistant. He gives a bunch of possible things that could go wrong. So, the machine did not recognize you. There is an option. In this case, the terminal-assistant turns on the camera and you will be given a pin. Typing the four digits on the touch screen of the cell, you will be able to pick up the food, even if you don’t remember. In the future the network will be able to choose the dishes according to customer preferences. Their proposals, the program will display after analyzing the previous customer orders. Eating for example a Burger with fish, maybe the roll will fit. Like a potato? Invite the farmer. However, while all this projects. But if it goes well, then we will see not one diner in Moscow.

the Digitalization of the restaurant really doesn’t end, told “RG” in a press-service of the network. Digital kiosk at the entrance – so technically sophisticated thing that you can go there to register once and the system will recognize you constantly. In the next visit you don’t even have to get a card or smartphone for payment, biometrics’ll remember. Very help advanced users and the official restaurant application. You can order a meal remotely using click&collect, and then specify in the smartphone, which an hour all on the doorstep. At the appointed time come to the restaurant and just take the food the cell appointed rooms. “Our “restaurant of the future” will be the answer to the challenges of the new reality, where security and reducing the number of contacts to be an important factor of modern hospitality,” explains the General Director of a network in Russia and CIS Raisa Polyakova. And indeed, here for social distancing done very much. And it’s not only about the markup, sanitizer and disinfection, both permanent attributes of restaurant life in Moscow and all over Russia. Here at minimized extraneous contacts. For example, the same feed ramoroka – not just for beauty. The robot gives the food directly into the hands of the guest, that is, except the cooks, to Kushanian no one touches. As for the payment, the cash operations are carried out on separate terminals. And you can pay Google and Apple Pay, cards, Yes even the “private person.”

Judging by the reviews, many people come here just to see the miracle of technology and protectionat concept restaurants of the future. Basically the people were happy, although was found and one negative review. “Ordered two drinks and didn’t receive any,” wrote one of the users of “Yandex”. Apparently, the guy did not realize that the drinks here are poured independently. And the camera “knows” how much and what was ordered. This, incidentally, is also done for sanitary safety of visitors.

Recently, the Park “Zaryadye” there was a robot who knows how to make coffee. By and large, it’s the same coffee machine, but it only includes iron man. It looks like an attraction. Robot Barista is trying to stand unnoticed, and the fact of the matter is attracting attention, including loud music. At reasonable for Moscow prices, the robot can cook anything you want the coffee lover – from a simple espresso to a latte. The whole process will take about a minute. The robot is able to cook and milkshakes with various toppings.

…In Moscow and is Russia’s first roboguru. It is available at ENEA in the local”; its area being”. Fish-robots are made of a sealed waterproof plastic. They have silvery scales, which on the surface with built-in LEDs and the special stainless steel coating creates a flickering effect. The length of each fish is 50 centimeters, which is fully consistent with the size of adult fish. Habitat the robots are also as close to natural, says the official portal of the mayor of the capital. The bottom of a giant aquarium with a volume of three thousand liters lined with natural river stone. Due to the powerful filtration system in an artificial pond running water. The movement of each living fish, there is a special motion sensor, which allows her to easily see and overcome obstacles (in particular, algae, rocks) and not to collide with neighbors in an unusual aquarium.