In the opinion of the teacher of Russian language at the Department of foreign languages at tel Aviv University Marina So, Russian language for many Israeli children is not foreign, and heritage (inherited). Consequently, in 2020 there will be an updated program for its study.

“In the Preface of the new program says that our target audience is directly bilinguals. Although now in Israeli schools opened more classes, where they study Russian language for those who do not have nothing to do with Russian families. This is also a very interesting story because there are no AIDS for the study of Russian as a foreign language. There is only one textbook, “Forty”, written by Marianne Avery in America. It is therefore necessary to create a nationally oriented textbooks that fit the specific education system. In fact, this task is now before us”, – quotes the Marina So the site “Russian world”.

the Teacher believes that textbooks for bilinguals, which are used in other countries are not always suitable Israeli students because of cultural differences. “What even send us from Russia, not always fall into our needs. For example, for Israel is not relevant textbooks, which describes Christian holidays,” she explains.

But nationally oriented textbooks are expensive. Publishers who will take on their print, grants.