the Discovery of the “Island of dreams” in Moscow was among the main events of the year and last weekend in particular. Not by chance a few years ago, when the municipality and the investor announced the project, on the Internet he was immediately called the “Russian Disneyland”. However, in relation to Moscow “the Island”, it’s not too big a compliment. What separates “Island of dreams” from many europarco? It’s not just a sea of adrenaline entertainment, and resort in town. The resort absorbed the peculiarities of life in Moscow. Citizens used that the ideal place for them within MKAD is a combination of fresh air, shopping centre, children’s corner (wider Yes powlekania) and many cafes. All this correspondent “RG” together with her daughter found in the Nagatinskaya floodplain. To the Park we quickly reached by subway. From the station “Technopark” to “the Island” was literally 7 minutes and then 5, if you go to the prospectus of Andropov’s moving walkways. “Oh, dad, you lucky! Only manage to take a photo!” – 60 metres to the entrance we met some six-foot Donkey (in the sense that people in a growth cartoon doll). Hoof was gallant. And the daughter on hands held and patted on the shoulder, and danced. In the circus Asses for the Apple give. The donkey, naturally, also asked. “No money,” – patting his pockets, quickly retorted I, taught by experience with mesopsocidae. “Anything is possible”, – kontrargumentiroval artist. So who is this Jackass? Ia, otklikalsya, however, and Roman A. S., obtained through the “Sberbank Online” 900.

Photo: Konstantin Zavrazhin/RG Putin and Sobyanin openedand theme Park “dream Island”

This is the minimum fee. You could, of course, pass by. But not to make the same “El skandal” with the child, and even before going to the Park? Especially that Donkey obviously had nothing to do with “Island of dreams” and standing a bit further collectors quick money with owls and pigeons.

the “Island of dreams” starts with a neat landscape part. This new image of the former Park 60 anniversary of October in which nostalgic many residents of the South of the capital. The Park was really green and very suitable for barbecue in warm weather, but, in fairness, he had not met the requirements for modern green zones of the capital. Previously, there were only paths among the herbs, and now – well-groomed trees and sports grounds. But to appreciate this transformation, will be able, most likely, only closer to the summer.

Further, the rate met the castle. He entrance to the drive part of the Park. No country in Europe has no more large-scale indoor entertainment centre. Nevertheless, the input space was not enough. Avoid second-hand market, the owners closed the main entrance. The Council for local security, my daughter decided to use one of the side entrances, but there was not much freer. On the road it became evident that the Park is in a new place is still just “settling in”: on let met a whitish traces of mortar and thrown by the cleaners mops. But in General, this “cosmetics” does not spoil or “disneylandesque” facade, nor the mood of the Muscovites, seriously set for entertainment.

It’s not just a Park or downtown attractions. This urban resort where there is fresh air, and shopping centers with cafes and children’s entertainment

Pretty soon we found ourselves like in Europe. City promenade space, which was attended by recognizable signs in many cities of the Old world. For example, Barcelona’s “House of bones” Antonio Gaudi. Here the Roman Colosseumher. And next door – red telephone booth from London. All on this evroline. Walking under a glass dome like in the fresh air. Although at some point you realize: too hot still. So most people walked with outerwear in his hands. And what about the closet, why not to put there coats and jackets? Looking at all those wishing to take them, we have learned to defend better this time on any ride. And the problem with down jackets will be resolved somehow by itself.

the landscape Park Entrance and walk on the boardwalk is free. Further, at the entrance to the theme Park, there are turnstiles that means it’s time for visitors to fork out. We, the press service of the Park (just Grand merci) missed free. But with prices of course, we got acquainted. You can purchase both regular tickets and Fast Pass – the pass out of turn. If you go to the “General grounds”, then at the weekend for children above 90 cm (one below, one free) you have to pay depending on the age 2600-2900 RUB, and 2900 for one accompanying adult. With Fast Pass – the worldwide rate, giving fast pass, the fee will amount to RUB 5100-5400 looking ahead, but too I want to give advice. If you have the money to pay 10 thousand rubles for a family outing, it is better not to save. Especially on the weekends. If such price is not expensive, it is better to go to “the Island” during the week. By the way, on the Park’s website indicated, any number of demand for tickets is high and what is low. In addition, for socially vulnerable Muscovites have benefits, they can be used when purchasing tickets at the box office, upon presentation of supporting documents.

And here is the behind the turnstiles, and you find yourself at a crossroads. If your child is under 6 years of age, you should start with the zone “Smurfs”. First, the cartoon characters at every step photographed with children and, unlike the cunning of a Donkey at the entrance, for free. Secondly, there is the house Princess, which any girl will lure at least a half an hour. The time when she will be completely happy lying on the Royal bed, comb your hair before the big mirror, polazit in wardrobes. The carousel here perfect for kids, is well suited to “warm up”.

Next is to go to the gym “Mowgli in the land of dinosaurs.” “Dad, hide!” – sincerely and loudly warned her daughter about the approach of the head of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Most, probably, terrible existence in the Land of beasts looks really like a living. Left peacefully sipping water painless Brachiosaurus. And the bully-allosaurus spend in front of a respectable audience on a leash like a Chihuahua in a Moscow Park.

To the Catalan “House of bones” and the Roman Colosseum can now be reached by metro. Europe – at the station “Technopark”

After the dinosaurs somehow lost in space, just and harmonious transition from one room to another. Architectural stands the castle of the Snow Queen. But there is not the rides and cafes. But the next whirling carousel, which passes quite close to the walls. Enthusiastic squeals of kids and adults sometimes try to drown administrators: kids politely asked not to touch the scenery. Turns out with variable success. After the terms of a forest with trees, rocks, mushrooms, corn.

the queues at the weekend – on all the rides. Even on the most peaceful Safari where you just ride in a jeep in a mini-jungle of wild monkeys and carnivorous plants devouring the poor insects. So the ideal format is to go to the Park with the whole family. Then you will be able to get around all the rides, and lunch at local establishments don’t miss out. The prices here are on average comparable with Moscow. Your food you take in General-it is not forbidden. After all, on the “Island of dreams” always have a minute for a rest and a snack. Near the residence of the teenage mutant ninja Turtles. Or, say, king Kong. But it is a matter of taste.

Infographics “RG”/ Anton Bookbinders/ Sergei Banking-soveticus have a good rest in the Park with minimum costs

1. Plan your trip in advance. On the Park’s website you can buy children’s tickets for children up to 10 years for 1900 rubles., and for Teens and adult chaperones – at 2200. The portal itself tells you which days are available cheap tickets.

2. If you are exempt, to buy tickets is on the website and at the box office. Then you can expect a discount. For example, veterans, pensioners, invalids I and II groups, presenting papers, can buy tickets at the 1900 RUB. For children with disabilities the ticket costs 1650 rubles.

3. Come to the opening of the Park. Then there is a chance to quietly and without queues to leave the clothes in the wardrobe.

4. At the weekend, if you have the financial ability, buy a ticket Fast Pass. This will pass the rides and a half times faster than the General queue.

5. If you go with them, see what attraction he will be allowed to skate. There are restrictions on growth. Would be a shame to stand in a queue and turn around after checking on the height chart.

6. Do not sit on the artificial grass in the Park – it is quite dusty, a walk, without removing shoes.

7. The most extreme attraction – “Hammer of fate” in the zone “teenage mutant ninja Turtles”. It is an imitation of a monstrous machine for the destruction of the city, created by the villain Baxter Stockman. The sharp UPS and downs upside down – that’s what awaits brave visitors. Turn to the “Hammer” is huge. If you do not want it to stand, buy a ticket Fast Pass.