Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) has claimed responsibility for the attack at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Afghanistan’s capital, according to the terrorist group’s propaganda outlet.

BREAKING: #ISIS has claimed today’s bombings at #Kabul_Airport in an ‘Amaq report, stating that its fighters killed and wounded approx 160. The report for the attack comes with a picture of the suicide bomber.

In a statement claiming responsibility, IS allegedly accused the Taliban of working “in partnership” with the US military to protect and evacuate “spies” from Afghanistan. 

IS identified the suicide bomber that attacked Abbey Gate at the airport and left dozens wounded and dead, boasting about “penetrating” security measures set up outside the airport by the “US military and Taliban militia.”

US Marine Corps General Kenneth Franklin McKenzie Jr., currently serving as commander of the US Central Command, previously placed blame on IS for the attack at the airport, as well as another close-by bombing at the Baron hotel during a Thursday press briefing where he totaled American service members loss at 12. Another 15 were wounded in the blast, and the general admitted the bomber would have needed to get through other checkpoints before being checked by US military soldiers.

The total number of victims has yet to be confirmed, with local health officials telling reporters that at least 60 died in Thursday’s blasts, while the Taliban initially said that 13 were killed outside the airport.

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