Since five years ago, the island Budelli was included in the National Park archipelago of La Maddalena, the local authorities are trying to get rid of “the Italian Robinson Crusoe”, which over the past 30 years has become a real hallmark of the uninhabited Islands.

Mauro Morandi, a former physical education teacher, in 1989 they decided to hide from civilization and went alone on the boat the journey to Tahiti. On the way Morandi stumbled upon a small island Budelli. Its scenery is so subdued that it was on this Paradise he ultimately chose. More than three decades of Morandi faithfully served the island, protecting it from all sorts of attacks.

So, the Italian does not allow tourists to stop at Budelli, caring for the local environment, maintain order and shares stunning photographs of the pink beaches in the social networks, to awaken respect for their protection. According to Mauro, he is never sad and lonely on a beautiful island. The sea and then washed ashore an incredible “wealth”, of which the hermit makes the Souvenirs, and the proceeds from their sale of the money he transfers to one of the charity organizations.

Authorities set a goal as quickly as possible to evict the hermit-an illegal immigrant from the island as his place of residence, in an old stone building of the former radio station of world war II, plans to build a center for environmental education. “We must lead by example, protect our environment, first by restoring this illegal structure, and then move on to a new project that probably will become a scientific center for the dissemination of ecological ideas” – expressed his position, the Director of the Park of La Maddalena, Fabrizio Tonnes.

When soulmates Morandi found out about the impending eviction, they have launched a petition, which was signed by almost 50 thousand people. Sam Robinson also seems to have no intention to meekly go with the flow.

“I’m ready for literally anything to stay here. Even if they have to drag me dragged, I won’t give up. I have nowhere to go and nothing to do. This is my house, my life”, – said Morandi in an interview with reporters.