take . Is that true? I find this difficult, because it is the most women find gross when they lick you of the feet, and so on. In addition, I told a woman once that it was from a hygienic and health point of view good and the body would be punished for it. Is that true? Maurice

The word “punishment” sounds a bit afterwards, as the wrath of the Hygiene would-be gods over all of those to break in, the audacity to take the feet in the mouth. In the case of moral attitudes, one must differentiate sometimes plain and simple, if you have different values.

Medically speaking, there is nothing, however, clean, healthy feet lick. In the sense of a holistic sensuality, it would be good for many people even if you your own feet and those of the would give counterpart a bit more attention. The do not need to definitely happen with the mouth, but to treat parts of the body, such as black spots on the map, or to put it in the dirty corner, does well sexuality never.

seduction of competence and careful distance is in demand, if you can’t hit on someone’s feet is erotic as you are. And this will happen relatively often, as your experience already has shown. The question is whether you tell your sexual desire and can live, that a partner participates willingly.

you can Completely drop and you don’t have your fondness for feet. But you make the lives of you and your partners easier, if you can also enjoy other things. And this is possible if you try you curious and full of delight with the deal, what you like, and with the same dedication, you to try New things.

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