A hestearrangement in Herning, denmark, with 55.000 visitors continued unabated, even though the prime minister Mette Frederiksen 6. march recommended closing large assemblies down.

Now is the mid city’s corona capital, but it was not carelessly let hestestævnet continue, it sounds.

“I will not call us foolish, but we have become smarter.”

so says the director of the Danish Warmblood, Casper Cassøe, in an interview on P1 on Wednesday morning.

When he asked if he regret to leave the event, the Danish Varmblods Hingstekåring and the fair Horse & Rider, which took place respectively in the MCH Exhibition centre Herning and Jyske Bank Boxen, continue, he replies, not unique.

“I wish we had known more all together then than we do today,” he says.

He explains that ‘it was an incredibly difficult situation at the time.’

The two events, which took place 4. to 8. march was more than half settled, since the prime minister Mette Frederiksen (S), it is strongly encouraged to postpone or cancel events with more than 1,000 participants.

And it made the decision difficult, saith the Casper Cassøe.

“Two-thirds inside the event we were asked the question of whether we should proceed or continue,” he says, and continues:

“We didn’t know very much about the epidemic, and the authorities were not quite far advanced.”

He explains that it was considering whether to close, it would have major consequences for an entire industry and jobs.

Moreover, it was not an order from the authorities to shut the event down.

Why would the organizers do not get financial help, if everything was abruptly closed and turned off.

Professor of virology at the University of Copenhagen, denmark Allan Randrup Thomsen in an interview with the Newspaper Denmark shown that hestestævnet is the reason why Herning is the city outside of Zealand, where the most citizens in the percent are infected.

“I estimate that hestestævnet is the main reason because of the number of participants,” said Allan Randrup Thomsen.

Hestestævnet has since received criticism for the decision to continue.

A research team has now been established by the Hospitalsenheden the West.

the Researchers will identify whether the reason for the widespread infection in Herning due to hestearrangementet.

Right now, there is no evidence that the widespread infection in Herning due to hestearrangementet, reminds Casper Cassøe, however.