The Iranian military has showcased its latest achievement in the field of defense technology as it unveiled a robot which has the capability to detect and neutralize bombs and other explosive materials.

In a ceremony on Monday, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) further demonstrated its ever-growing military capacity with the unveiling of new robots to counter bomb threats. The unveiling ceremony was held in the presence of IRGC Commander-in-Chief Major General Hossein Salami.

The Ra’ad-1 robot for the identification and neutralization of explosive devices was indigenously developed as part of Iran’s push to enhance its military technology in light of US-led sanctions and increased Western pressure. The robots were unveiled within a larger expo showcasing Iran’s self-sufficiency successes. 

#ربات_نظامیتصاویر منتشر شده توسط تسنیم از تحویل ربات‌های چک و خنثی سازی بمب به سپاه پاسداران انقلاب اسلامی.ربات‌های چک و خنثی سازی از چهار دهه قبل در توسعه هستند. البته در این خصوص که اینها ربات هستند یا نه (به این دلیل که خیلی از این وسایل تنها ابزار کنترل از راه دور توسط

این هم تصویر دیگر.طبق گفته ها این ربات ها فقط بخشی از توان سپاه است که از طبقه بندی خارج شده با این وجود تنوع این ربات ها واقعا زیاد است

According to semi-official agency Mehr News, the robots will be handed over to IRGC bases across the country in preparation for use following the exhibition.

Another robot, called the ‘Younes’ diver, was also unveiled at the event. The diver bot has been developed to monitor and identify the subsurfaces of ships and oil rigs among other tasks that may be required by Iran’s inspection teams.

In recent years, Iran has pushed ahead with the development of indigenous military hardware amid increased pressure from the US and its allies and sanctions against the Tehran regime.

Earlier in September, Iran hailed the end of a voyage which saw its indigenously developed ships enter the Atlantic Ocean for the first time. The vessels completed a long trip into the waters of the “arrogant powers,” sailing back to dock briefly in St. Petersburg, Russia to take part in a Russian Navy Day parade before returning to the Persian Gulf. The terms “arrogant powers” are used in Iran to refer to the US and its Western and Israeli allies. 

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