the civil aviation authority of Iran has released a preliminary report about the circumstances of the disaster Boeing 737-800 flight 752 Ukraine International airlines around Tehran in January 2020. The document States that 176 people have died because of errors of calculation of anti-aircraft defense systems.

Earlier it was reported that “Boeing” fell after he was hit by two anti-aircraft short-range missiles of a class “earth – air”, released from the complex “tor-M1”

published In the Iranian Tasnim Agency, the report notes that the tragedy occurred because of human error. The document is published in accordance with the Chicago Convention on civil aviation. His goal is to establish the causes of events to prevent such tragedies in the future.

In the report, restored the chain of events leading up to the tragedy. 3 January 2020 in the missile strike, the U.S. air force was killed by a famous Iranian General Qasem Soleimani. In response in a week, Iran launched a missile strike against targets in Iraq. During this operation, Iran’s armed forces were put on high combat readiness of many military units, including air defense systems, relocated.

the report of the civil aviation Department notes that at about 4 a.m. on Wednesday, January 8, “in connection with a change in the level of preparedness of the country for air defense”, the defense Ministry informed the civil sector of the airspace management of the country that the runway of the Tehran airport allowed to fly only with the approval of the military.

Board 752 Ukraine International airlines in 5:51, filed a request for starting the engines. The request was submitted to the national control center. 5:53 of the Center for coordination of defence gave permission for the departure. The crew received permission to fly from the airport of Imam Khomeini in 6:10. The report noted that the takeoff and the flight took place along the planned route, at a specified height and a specified air corridor.

In connection with the change of the level of preparedness of the Iranian armed forces in anticipation of attack from the USA on this night, was relocated mobile air defense systems, to cover the Tehran airport from air strikes.

however, as indicated in the report, due to human error, the new location data was not included in the control system of anti-aircraft complex. Due to improper migration radar system began to issue data on the air situation with the error in 107 degree

according to the report, no action was taken that could this error in restore to fix it.

At 6:13 operator air defense systems detected the target, which according to his automation was approaching Tehran from the South-West. Actually, it was a Ukrainian plane taking off from of tegeranskogo airport.

this information about “suspicious targets” was not transmitted to the coordination center. And that’s one reason for the ensuing catastrophe.

At 6:14 the calculation of defense launched the missiles at an alleged enemy targets, not receiving a reply from the coordinating center. According to the instructions, if the calculation of air defense was not able to contact the coordinating center has not received a command to fire, he had no right to shoot.

After launching the first missile defense systems in the automatic mode released a second missile at 6:15.

After that, recorded in a report about 6:16 in the plane fire broke out. 6:18 the plane fell near Khalajabadi.

On Board were 176 people, including 9 crew members. They all died. Basically the plane was flying the citizens of Iran and Canada.

the report noted that investigators do not identify specific perpetrators, determining their guilt and sentencing. It is the prerogative of other departments.