Iran is ready to help US in the fight against coronavirus

Iran, despite the hostile attitude of the US towards the Islamic Republic, ready to assist the American people in the fight against novel coronavirus infection since the protection of the world community is above political differences. This was stated by the Ambassador of Republic in Russia Kazem Jalali in an interview with the newspaper "Izvestia", published on Monday.

"In fact, the fight against the spread of coronavirus and curb the disease is to protect the entire human community. Given the fact that the virus knows no borders, opposition to it also needs the joint efforts of all countries. The Islamic Republic, even to the US, which have for us a clear hostility imposed against Iran cruel, illegal and inhuman sanctions, expressed readiness to provide the people of this country help in the fight against coronavirus," the diplomat said.

He also added that Iran, who said about the acute need of medical masks, the artificial lung ventilation (ALV), diagnostic test-systems, have already received assistance from a number of countries, including from Russia. The Jalali noted that the assistance proposed to the Republic of the United States, is political in nature.

"the US Approach to this subject is absolutely political. If Washington’s intentions were humane, the Americans would have canceled the cruel unilateral sanctions against Iran and other countries. We have repeatedly made such a request. Officials of some countries, including Russia, China and even EU, and the UN Secretary General [Antonio Guterres], also have focused on the cancellation or suspension of these sanctions, but the United States continues to behave as if it doesn’t concern them and nothing happened", – said the Ambassador.