Just now, Apple has unveiled the new iPhones. And also from Samsung or Huawei new Smartphones on the market. Who wants to buy a new device, this can Finance in part with the sale of the old. But how much you get for it still?

For a VIEW has Laurenz Ginat (25), managing Director of Revendo.ch, the residual value of the most popular models can be combined. The 2013 in Basel, the company with nine branches, is specialized in Smartphones, Tablets, computers and Laptops, buy, recycle and sell again. Upcyling is called the concept, to avoid the electrical waste and conserving resources helps.

The prices in the list the purchase prices of Revendo in good condition, respectively, for the base model. In addition, we answer the most important questions related to the Sale of mobile phones.

by the Way: Only about a third of the Swiss changes the mobile phone every two years or less. A survey by Comparis shows. About 30 percent use their device for four years or more before you buy a new one. However, there are big differences depending on the age category. So 45 percent of 18 – to 35 buy-Year-old to a maximum of two years, a new mobile phone.

Where you get the best price for my phone?

The purchase prices of Revendo are very fair – on the website, you can also directly calculate what it is yet. In the case of a private sale, you will sure to get ten percent more. Many retailers and manufacturers do not offer a trade-in, but not necessarily more revenue. Apple is about to pay for a iPhone 8 200, Revendo over 300 Swiss francs.

What are the brands, especially much?

“The iPhone is the value decay on the slightest. And it has no problems to sell an old device”, says Laurenz Ginat. Now Samsung with the Galaxy have brings models and was close to Apple on it. Place Huawei according to the experts. An example: The iPhone 7 in 2016 still brings 228 Swiss francs, the Samsung Galaxy S7 133 and the Huawei P10 122 francs. HTC 10 of the same year, 97 Swiss francs, the LG G5 90, the Sony Xperia X 88 Swiss francs.

What happens if the phone has scratches?

anyone Who has dealt with his cell phone carefully, conceded considerably more. “Light scratches are less bad. A Display fracture or a Dent, however, lead to a strong reduction in price,” says the Revendo-in-chief. A flawless Galaxy Note 9, for example, is 325 francs in value, with the visible scratches on the screen, there are still 304 Swiss francs. The scratches are so deep that you feel it, decreases the amount of 246 Swiss francs. And the Screen has no cracks or breaks, there are only 110 Swiss francs.

What is the role of color or storage size play?

Whether you choose a mobile phone, in Pink, Gold or traditional Black, usually plays no large role. However, you can earn with a skillful choice of colours with a few francs in addition. The iPhone 6s Plus in Space gray, for example, is to 193 francs in value, the other colors only 188 Swiss francs. But it is not always grey or Black, which are sought after. The Mate is a 20 Per from Huawei about the variant is in a shimmering Green equal to 50 francs, the value of those in Black.

A major role of the memory space. In our list we have the smallest Size, when the iPhone 8 is about 64 GB. For this, there is still 312 francs. With 256 GB there are 434 Swiss francs – so far-about 100 francs more. However, the large option costs new 859 francs, the smallest of only 539 Swiss francs. Only because of the resale value of the extra cost is not worth it so.

What should you consider when re-selling?

reset Necessarily under “settings” the phone to factory condition. This will delete all the passwords, data, and settings. An advantage is also, if you can kept the accessories and even the packaging and pass it on.

table according to the manufacturer, but also by price or by Vintage-arrange and freely browse.