The biggest strength of the iPad Air is the matching keyboard. You can be a backlight to miss, but is otherwise ideal for the Tablet from Apple. It is powered directly with electricity, has a good button size with plenty of feedback. And the keyboard cover is perfect for holding magnetically and protects closed also the screen. As a stand to watch Videos conveniently fit the keyboard also the same.

a Pity only, that costs the Smart Keyboard extra. And regardless of 178 francs. In relation to the base price of the iPad Air from 579 francs a disproportionate amount of. A worthwhile investment in any case. Whether you need a Pencil for more 109 francs, and each of us must know yourself. For Hobby, artist and graphics enthusiasts – or if you want to make handwritten notes on the Screen – sure to be a Must. For all the other the Finger.

The iPad Air will go 10 hours

Still, the Air is the best Deal if you have to work properly. Because it provides everything you wish for. A bright and sharp 10.5 inch Screen, the tried-and-Apple-operating system, the A12 processor and up to 256 GB of memory thought. In a high-quality 450 gram lightweight package.

Also the battery life is not disappointed in the Test. You can easily work ten hours long. For a whole day, a charge should be loose.

Clearly, not all the Features are not quite “up to date”. So there’s only the Lightning connector and not the more modern USB-C on facial recognition, it must dispense, in favour of the tried and tested Finger is built-in fingerprint scanner in the button. Which, in turn, means that the look is with thick edges around the Screen, fresh as a Daisy.

Not all the Features are really dewy

So that you can live easily, even with the 8-Megapixel camera or the fact that there are only two speakers, and not, as in the iPad Pro four. What you are missing, but as a lot of tipsters really is an advanced Keyboard, which is a little less bulky, or at least a background lighting provides. The write feeling is okay, but not better than two or three years ago.

saves Who can do without the latest iPad Pro, the iPad Air locker 300 francs, and it can still work really well with the Tablet. Who needs to Watch his machine only for Surfing and Netflix, which will also be available with the normal iPad satisfied, that is, once again, have 200 Swiss francs cheaper. And with the just announced, new iPadOS other Pro come functions.