In view of the sprawling run-off zones on the French Le Castellt race track, Red Bull team boss Christian Horner expects a significantly higher number of track limit violations than was the case in Austria.

Attention, track limits! Red Bull team boss Christian Horner expects a wave of penalties for exceeding the track limit for the upcoming Formula 1 race in Le Castellet, France. If there had already been 43 violations in Austria, Horner expects a significantly higher number at the French Grand Prix, as “” reports.

Short, compact, clear

The character of the track encourages violations: “The problem is that the nature of the track invites the drivers to exploit the limits of the track,” says Horner, referring to the Circuit Paul Ricard, where “a real time gain can be achieved. And obviously you have a huge tarmac there that invites you to drive offline.”

Schumacher also sees danger: Mick Schumacher sees it similarly with a view of the large asphalt run-off zones. “It looks a bit silly when you get a five-second penalty for deviating from the track by one centimeter,” says the Haas driver, noting that if the track limits are interpreted too strictly, there is a risk of not getting a timed lap at all , “which is even worse.”