Introduced a bill to combat the

the Authors of the initiative made by the leader of “Fair Russia” Sergei Mironov, together with colleagues on fraction. Deputies believe that the adoption of the document will contribute to the stabilization of prices in the drug market and support the domestic pharmaceutical companies. Mironov said that at the end of last year, during a meeting with the President told him about the preparation of this legislative initiative and has the support of the President.

Photo: Vladimir Smirnov/TASS What medications to protect against coronavirus buy Russians

the Authors explained that manufacturers are now forced to pay from 10 to 30% of the cost delivered to the pharmacy of medicines as an additional reward the pharmacy networks for the promotion of their products.

Is one of the reasons for the increased cost of drugs, lack of high quality and effective drugs – said Sergei Mironov. Because domestic manufacturers have less resources for new drug development and clinical trials.

According to him, this also creates competitive advantages for foreign pharmaceutical companies, which have large financial resources to support its products. MPs propose to reduce the share of remuneration to pharmacy chains to five percent of the price of purchased drugs.

on the subject of commissions in connection with the acquisition of medications and payment for the provision of services for their promotion, and other such services, specified in the explanatory note.

in addition, under the bill, the payment of remuneration to pharmacy chains in connection with the purchase of medicines from the list vital and essential medicinals of drugs annually approved by the government of the Russian Federation, is prohibited.

GSP asked me to allow remote manufacturing of prescription drugs

Today, in the context of the global epidemic, the issue of access to medicines is more than ever, – said the head of the Duma “spravorossov”. – It is urgent to exempt pharmaceutical manufacturers from excessive tribute to the pharmacies. Better to let these funds go to new effective and affordable drugs.

the implementation of the project of the Federal law will not entail additional expenses from budgets of all levels, stated in the accompanying materials.

Note that the state Duma this week closely involved in the medicinal subject in the background of the situation with coronavirus. As previously reported, this week the state Duma plans to make a final project about the fixation of prices for medicines and other documents that will help in a situation of the spread of coronavirus. In this list, and the project on distance selling of drugs.