You can take it. We played in the holiday on the beach, some of the high class “UN”-rounds. The has helped.

Yes, the first three shipments. Then I knew not much New is happening.

Yes I know how it works in television. There’s one from the middle of the squad, shows the moderators, an old show and says: “Exactly, but different.” There is a that he can ride a good bike. And he’s kicking over the Brünig.

Already. However, less about the Champions League. Since many do not feel competent enough. Why substitute for a Nicolas Pépé 80 million from Lille to Arsenal? Who is that, anyway? And the Older people in us do not come in the round, with the name clear. Mbappé’s grade yet. But, at the latest, in Szczesny, they lose the desire.

You have to pay for the total freedom. Everyone can see what he wants. At the tele-club, we will transfer Yes every single game. No program Director to tell me which one is the Best for me. I know many who have solved the subscription only reluctantly – now you would not give it up.

This is the big question. When the factor is “sick”? I see it differently. The real Stars are worth the money. In the holidays I met Edwin van der Sar, the Manager of Ajax Amsterdam. He told me that Ajax last season, has sold thanks to the Champions League, two million jerseys, more. Only Jerseys! Since I no longer the case, if Juventus will pay 85 million for Matthijs de Ligt.

I’ve learned. But I’m just a Fan. The scientists sitting on the left and to the right of me.

My claim is that the viewers have a good time, if you turn on the tele club. We don’t create, when we merely “a depth of four chains,” to analyze. We need the views of the stadium roof. Our experts do sometimes difficult. But I think this is the right way.

The biggest news is for sure that we can deliver at “All games, all goals” in the group stage all eight matches of the day in a summary. We were in 2018 is not yet technically ready. Otherwise, we tinkered in our first year of constant broadcast.

YB would be missed, that’s clear. There are more people to look at, it tingles differently. But we must not lament. In the Champions League the 32 best Teams in Europe. Now YB can solve his Ticket against red star. Not against Liverpool. The is a fair Chance.

The FCB has won in Manchester, because they are immersed in the first leg 0:4. Such successes are always possible. YB hats last December against Juventus also shown. We should be pleased about! The recent disappointing results in the Europa qualifying but reflect rather the reality.