I had always the feeling, all the cooking books to publish, because I wanted to do something different – that’s why the magazine since 2012. But this year I realized the need for a book.

In October 2018, we opened next to the Schloss schauenstein in Fürstenau, Casa Caminada. Here, we offer traditional Grisons dishes like Pizokel, Capuns and Maluns, which you can prepare at home. The recipe book with beautiful nature photos from Gaudenz Danuser to show what we celebrate in the Casa.

Both have his permission. In the Gault-Millau-Channel, we do a weekly rotation. But today, where everything goes by so fast, wins a book of lasting value: You can take it at any time from the shelf, leisurely browse or a recipe cook.

More than ever. The more you eat that is so, the more you want to treat yourself to something Good. The people are longing back to cooking traditional, regional dishes.

The chef-king

“Can there be a more fascinating context for the art of cooking à la Caminada as a wonderful castle?”, the rhetorical question in the “Guide Michelin” is. Of course not, because Andreas Caminada (42) is the chef-king of Switzerland and Schloss schauenstein in Fürstenau GR be the appropriate site of action. Since 2003, Caminada is the lessee and the Chef de Cuisine and the Restaurant made last year to the “Best Restaurant in Europe” (OAD-list).

in 1977, in Sagogn GR to the world, he graduated in 1996 with a cooking lesson in Laax GR. From 1998, Caminada worked in various top restaurants in Switzerland and in neighbouring countries, including as Chef Tournant at Restaurant Bareiss in Baiersbronn (D), and as a chef in the economy of meadow in Uetikon am see ZH. Caminada lives today with his wife and two sons in Fürstenau GR.

In the last ten, twenty years, we have globalization to the power of 20: Everyone could always fly everywhere, and at every corner Thai Restaurants or Sushi Bars. We don’t know the whole world know, but more what our forebears ate.


My Mame has always made härdöpfel chüechli: Raw potatoes, by the rösti grater, an Egg, a little flour, seasoned with pepper – ready for a lighter dough was. Out fry the very crispy potatoes. To the applesauce-mega-dope!

My two years older brother and I helped in the three, four weeks before Christmas. Baking has fascinated us very much.

no, it was not love at first sight. My father had a small construction business, because I went sometimes. The father of my childhood friend was a painter, as we moved a few months with him around. We have looked at different professions.

Quite. But then I made a trial apprenticeship in a Hotel. The kitchen Crew was very personable and I felt immediately at ease. This facilitated my decision to pursue a cooking lesson.

Hilda Veraguth was in our village a icon, but I don’t dare put me to work there. I had a huge amount of respect for her. With another village boy as I sat sometimes on the Lawn in front of your kitchen window. We looked in there to see what they cook there. This was exciting.

This is the longing for the mountains. I also worked in Zurich. But I went every weekend back into the Grisons country. I just wanted to be home.

For me, there is no reason to stop here. Now I have no project to open a new one elsewhere looking stone.

as Long as the guests come here, there is no reason for a Change. This is unique here. We will go but always back out and opened, for example, in 2015, with Igniv by Andreas Caminada outside in Bad Ragaz and St. Moritz, which are not tied so strongly to my Person.

Yes, we have a Sharing concept five years ago, it was still new. We have in the Igniv from the dishes, a language other than the castle, but all had to meet our quality requirements. We wanted something in the upscale area that is still relaxed and loose for young people.

Not only. With the new Establishments, we were able to keep good employees and give them a new perspective. In the castle, one stands at a certain point, The responsible Bodies will not be put out to tender each year.

At the beginning I started with two employees, today, we are over 45.

13–, and three prep-cooks.

Sometimes all it takes for certain dishes, there is a small adjustment – there’s still a little salt, and a spice. But if one thinks of: As lot, I still a bit of Dill or Basil in the Chef it does not Yes, then that would go in a wrong direction. If I defined a recipe and got approved, then it is to be followed.

Usually I get up between seven and eight o’clock, eat with the family Breakfast and go out with the dog. Sometimes I bring the boys in the Kindergarten. At half past nine o’clock, I go to the operation, drinking in the Casa Caminada a Cup of coffee and then appointments and Meetings, sometimes an Interview. After the lunch service, or night eating, I try to go home, put the kids to bed, and am then in the evening, at seven o’clock in the kitchen.

The salty, savory area, I don’t need recipes. If you do something every day, then it is in there. But with so many recipes to collect that you look for safety’s sake, too.

Just gave me Rodolfo Guzmán from Chile in his book “Boragó”. If I have time, I’ll look into it gladly. For me, this is primarily a picture book and a Dive into the world of a friend. It is not about a recipe to cook – we have our own recipe for the base.

We are continually creating new menus, in which old ingredients are incorporated. Recipes change over the years a little, some Fine-Tuning.

Yes, we all grow with our taste and our experiences.

no, I’m doing my Job. When I cook, I’m at the most to Try and to Improve.

Certainly: You get a dish, eats it and then it is gone. But a good meal in a pleasant ambience remains very long in the memory.

If a guest eats the menu like he doesn’t have to know exactly how we prepared it. Maybe 20 percent are in the preparation interested – then you can explain it to you.

no, we have simple products and no exotic, the story of a crazy. This is not our approach. We do not want to create well-known products, something that is commonplace.

no, it doesn’t have to be something that it never was. But it must be well cooked and perfect with the others combined, that it makes one’s heart skip a beat when you eat it.

Very. I like to go to other Restaurants, to professional colleagues.

The part of friendships that have grown over the years. We are like-Minded, since you can exchange.

I Recently met with me at Schloss Schauenstein with other chefs like Rodolfo Guzmán, René Redzepi, and Norbert Niederkofler, to discuss sustainability: How much CO2-emissions of our products? If we grow regional tomatoes, the greenhouse must, however, heating, is it better to buy them in the South or dispensed outside of the season. And a beef causes much more CO2 than vegetables or cereals. However, the high consumption of water makes you think.

Determined. Many want to treat yourself in a good Restaurant but something. And there’s a piece of meat or fish, it is part of often. However, individual courses can be quite vegetarian – there needs to be just right, the Balance. We are depending on the Season, half of the menu.

In any case. The easy part of the ethics of a chef. A Schmorstück must not be worse than a Filet. In our current menu in the castle, we have pork neck – not just the most common Animal. But if you prepared him, specifically, makes you the guest for a unique, never experienced the taste experience.

cooking, such as Caminada

“Why cook and we to eat?”, the Swiss chef Andreas Caminada (42) asks in the Preface of his first cook book – and gives himself the terse reply: “to be sick and tired.”

But he continues: “But cooking is what we do to make ourselves and others happy.” And in Delight, he knows truly, and does it for years in his Restaurant.

“Pure passion – my simple kitchen”, the Grisons, the luck now free. Only the book of nature photos of Gaudenz Danuser and the elegant design of caminada’s award-winning Cousin Remo (45) is a feast for the eyes.

But the work is also practical: In chapters such as “Our Alpine garden of Eden” or “Wild water, gentle lakes,” he offers simply nachkochbare recipes from his home, with ingredients from there. On that you can give as a cook for his guests.

Andreas Caminada, “Pure passion – my easy cooking”, with photos of Gaudenz Danuser, AT-Verlag; 7. November in the book trade