no. We appreciate the invitations from the Astra to say, if there are questions and Decisions concerning individual transport. From the political side one only remembers us as a target, when it comes to traffic safety, road noise and environmental pollution. We are an industry dedicated to pleasure and the enjoyment. Such interests are not for certain political groups is really important.

It was clear that after the massive price correction reductions as a result of the “Frank shock” at the beginning of 2015 and the associated record sales one day, back to reality. In connection with the reasonable range of real innovations in the year 2018 and 2017, the realized probe some of the pure solutions (military, police) it was clear that the end of the year will result in a Minus.

this was in 2010, when the first meetings of the above-mentioned EU-adjustments, Moto Suisse introduced. We welcome the fact that 16-Year-old, analogous to the EU, continue to have the opportunity to, first experience of motorised transport with small motorcycles. As this was until now with the ‘ 50s. New 50s with two-stroke engines, there is for emissions reasons, today hardly more. Today’s 125cc have modern safety technology and meet the most stringent noise and exhaust Standards. In addition, the 16 need to drop the-Year-old, in contrast to some other traffic participants (such as E-Bikes), a theoretical and practical examination and, therefore, their knowledge and skills to prove it.

We regret the failure to equality with the EU. This needs to be considered as our contribution to the compromise, so that the starting age for motorcycle drivers have not been raised in General! But a motorcycle with 48 HP, is what makes the mountain a lot of joy. And lets not compare it with the former provision, is to drive for two years with a 125cc, with about 10 to 12 HP. The range of 48-PS models is inexpensive, wide, and very interesting.

Yes, the Federal Council has impacted on our market significantly. And Yes, the industry can respond. Since the decision “to 125 CC is 16” in the EU already since years in fact, for us in the future, no shortage of attractive models.

of The 7. February, 1959, in Buchs SG-born Roland Müntener since 2006, President of the Association, Moto Suisse. All of the major Country importers of the national motorcycle industry are closed together ( Müntener itself for decades within the industry in various roles, and, of course, an avid motorcycle rider.