“you need a proper pen,” says the CEO of Caran d’ache at the large meeting table at the company’s headquarters in Thônex, GE, and over rolling a ball-point pen model Stylon 849. “The way you do the other”, blames you and laughs. In the picture, a beautiful pen is supposed to be. One of Caran d’ache.

The teachers have confidence in us, you use our products for years and know their quality.

Yes. Every year, we make the cantons offers. In the same way as our competitors.

We use the best wood for pens, the there are currently. The most Important thing is that you tips can the wood easily. It must be bendable. These characteristics of the FSC-certified cedar wood that grows in California and Oregon met. There are other areas, but not this lot. The Swiss wood is much harder. When we tested it, it has made the beginning of our machines is broken.

Yes, we have been working together for five years with the Department of wood engineering of the Bern in Biel to find ways to make use of domestic tree species. We want to find the right wood that has the same characteristics as cedar. Up to now, we have brought three different pens made of Swiss wood from Swiss stone pine, beech and pine. We aim to produce within ten years, 20 percent of our pens with Swiss wood.

Not until we find the perfect wood.

Yes. We have purchased 20 minutes from here in Bernex country, to build a new manufactory. And about 2023/2024 will move.

We have to sell the ground on which the manufactory stands for. The building is over 50 years old. When we moved in, we have not produced even half of the amount. Currently, 300 people work in Thônex, the rooms are practical. We do not have direct access to the highway, so the load must travel through the center. This makes no sense. Also, our employees who do not live in Geneva because it is in the city is difficult to get apartments, have the whole city to cross, to work with us. This is not optimal.

Physically he was often here, but he was no longer President.

We had time for Delivery. It took about ten years until I took over. I said to him: On the day you move out from your office, I’ll take over. For me this was an important Signal. It sounds like a small thing, but the character is strong. In the beginning he was still here, but then he came less and less. He needed a little time, finally, he worked for more than 50 years.

I have more experience. I know better what it means to lead such a company. And now I work with a Team that I could pick and choose yourself.

Yes. We have also won a prize (Pretty get the deed “Le Prix du Cercle Suisse des administ ratrices”, in June, Caran d’ache has been excellent, due in part to the high proportion of female students). We are 50 percent women in the line.

A bit more men than women.

she reads the Jury’s response to the document: Caran d’ache is praised for Switzerland as a location, equal pay, young, and ethical Action.

That is changing. Companies are realising slowly that their customers are different, therefore, there also needs to be in the leadership diversity. I speak not only of the Gender distribution in the Board of Directors. It takes different skills to the table. The time is over, as the Board of Directors of good old friends the stock. But I do not believe that quotas are the solution.

We women doubt always. This is in our DNA. But women of the younger Generation doubt is less than in the past. We have better training. I have three daughters, I always tell them: Believe in you, trust in you, and you can make everything what you want. But today, little girls still play with dolls and the boys with something else. Physics and math study still a lot more guys than girls. This is a shame.

This is one of the most important topics with which I deal. You don’t say for nothing: The biggest threat to family business is the family. I need to make sure that the next Generation is ready.

I always bring ideas and novelties home and ask my children for their opinion. This is also a way to bind them to the brand. You here for the summer jobs. They are involved: When we travel, we visit the customer and look at what’s New on the market. This is a family business. But the more generations there are, the more people, that’s why we need to organize ourselves. We also have certain rules and requirements that must be met if you want to work here. We don’t hold on to everything that it comes to arguments.

I also have a sister that has children. In the next Generation there are some, but they are all still too small.

These discussions there are. But I don’t trust that we stop writing by Hand. The fact that you’re free to write, is a kind of peace. I think it will be a Comeback, and I am convinced that Writing by Hand is never lost.

My children write in school, still by Hand, in the Romandie they have no Tablets in the classroom. Until now. Tablets and handwriting are complementary. With the Tablet you will get to entertain, but you’re not creative. If you signed in, you need different areas of the brain. I think creativity is always important, it differentiates us in the longer term robots.

Yes, I make my notes by Hand. It is important for me, and I remember even better to my appointments. There are studies that show that it is remembered for better things, if they are written by Hand.

It is a part of us. The way you write says a lot about the personality. Your own handwriting is a part of the soul, it brings on paper. Typed messages are all the same except the content. The Sending of postcards means that you took the time for the receiver.

Yes. If we are in the holidays, we send you as a family, and if I’m on a business trip, I will send my children what. Postcards can be preserved. Just a beautiful letter.

The woman with the pins

Carole Hübscher (52) is, since 2012, managing Director of the Geneva color pen and write manufacturer Caran d’ache in Thônex GE goods, and directs the company in its fourth Generation. Pretty the hotel school in Geneva, studied at the Harvard Business School and worked for several Swiss watch companies. She is married and has three children. Caran d’ache was founded in 1915 as the Fabrique Genevoise de Crayons (Geneva pencil factory). In 1924, Arnold Schweitzer acquired the “Geneva pencil factory,” and you are baptized in Caran d’ache. The term comes from the Russian word “karandasch” (pencil), derived in turn from Turkish “kara tash” and “black stone”, from which graphite is made. In 1930, originally from Schaffhausen family Pretty acquires a participation. Today the company is one of the three families, Handsome, a Christian, a branch of the family of the Hübschers, and Reiser.